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Hey, it’s me…

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This is the part where I introduce myself… I am a woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a best friend (or a worst enemy), a budding businesswoman, a handicraft maker, and a newbie blogger.

I have always tried to make my own web blog but time and concentration eludes me… I was once a poetic writer and a short novelist… once was a playwright in my younger years…

I have an eye for second chances… I like recycling things, I can always see a better use and know what to do with any thing that’s been lying around for how long or for things that I just saw from a distance… I just didn’t have enough time to make a move or finish any project which resulted of me being a pack-rat… Even for things that people may call “garbage”, for me it’s something new and challenging….

I have a gift of always seeing people for who they are even on the first meeting, of how people talk about them or with them, of how they give their opinions on certain aspects, and of how they walk, talk and act… I’m not a psychic and I’m not judgmental but… of what I know about the character of a certain person is, I’m usually right, most of the time…

I’m a listener, and sometimes an adviser… my family, friends or even just acquaintances come knocking at my door or calling me on the phone just to make a vent about anything or everything around them… I don’t mind listening, I learn a lot just by doing it… people had been around me for so many years, some just come and go and some are here to stay, and by them I have learned lots of things that you will never read from any self-help books…

I’m a survivor… I have had my own battles in life… some I emerged victorious, some I became a loser, some I just have to let go… In my own perception, nothing can shock me, for I have witnessed tragedies and heartaches that made me strong enough to make a stand and fight…

I’m a lover… I love all things that are beautiful and relaxing… I love nature, the sound of water streaming down the river, birds singing, cool winds blowing and the cozy feeling of watching the different colors of the sunset… I love eating, my comfort foods that can take me back to my childhood years and to the sweet and amazing moments that I’ve had in my life… These simple things can make my life easier even when I’m in the middle of a dark and lonely road…

Hey, it’s me… accept me for what I am and not for what you want me to be…


About Regina

Arts and Crafts Junkie. DIYer. Newbie Photographer. Event Coordinator. Freelance Writer/Blogger. Coffee Lover. Domestic Goddess.

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  1. Naks… Playwright!!! 😀


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