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Do you love beaded accessories? Of course you do! We all do! Then why not try to do it by yourself? You’ll be surprised that you can do it and it will just cost you a little amount! And we all know that for a span of milleniums, women ( and even men! ) continues to be fascinated by the beauty of beads.

And by that I share with you an experience that will forever be a part of my life… I first saw Em Mariano from the Go Negosyo tv series in RPN 9, it was my birthday, Oct. 1, 2007. I was just browsing the tv stations when I saw him teaching the male host of Go Negosyo on how to make a brooch and I was hooked by that moment to see how easy it was when he was doing it! And then I finally stumbled upon Em’s website and saw his creations, I was overwhelmed of how beautiful they are! I visited his Multiply site and saw that he’s coordinating a seminar/workshop for basic beads accessory design and I couldn’t resist I have to join one of these events! And so I saved up some money to finally attend one of his workshops.

January 19, 2008, I finally joined this workshop! At first, I didn’t know how to get to the venue, Danzhub Studio Centertown Bldg. at Libertad St. in Mandaluyong, so I searched the net for the location and I used wikimapia to plan my way on how to get there! I reached the venue around 9:25am ( with lots of sparetime! ) and I met another attendee who came in earlier than me ( hello Ms. Mia! ) and we both waited until more of us arrived.

Em came in early before 10:00am, we arranged in our seats and got ready for the workshop. We took turns introducing ourselves then Em started to teach us the basics. Oh and I haven’t mentioned that the same workshop session will be included in the issue of the Entrepreneur Magazine by Summit Media this coming April or May that’s why we were so excited that day and even though only our hands and some of us get to be caught on camera, we are so proud to be included! This workshop is really worth your time and of course your money, very comprehensive and very practical, also Em will not stop until you get the basics and until you can do it by yourself, very personalized teaching because he takes time to visit every work of every participant and he shows to us an example of the creations that struck him. He even taught us how to start our own business with this kind of fashion line. He’s very friendly and accommodating, you’ll feel like he’s been your friend since forever! Here are some samples of what I’ve finished:




To those of you who are interested to join one of Em’s workshop but still reluctant to do so, I really recommend that you push it through. A small amount will give you a long, long way and maybe someday you’ll also have your name written in one of the guest list of our top primetime tv series like what happened to Em Mariano on the Boy & Kris show at ABS-CBN last Monday, Jan. 14, 2008!

To Em Mariano, what can I say? Two thumbs up! Hats off to you! Kudos! It’s been a really great pleasure and privilege meeting you! And I will be seeing you again for the Advance Beaded Art Jewelry Design Workshop! Until then, watch out for more! 🙂

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