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Finally, another song from Ms. Paula Abdul! After almost twelve years of keeping herself from doing her own song, until she became one of the judges for the American Idol reality show (which is on it’s seventh season now), Randy Jackson helped her gain her confidence in making her own new song and with an awesome video to go with it! The single, which is the first single from the album “Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol.1”, was launched at Ryan Seacrest’s radio program and the video was launched at the American Idol Season 7’s episode last February 22,2008 (Philippine Time) before the elimination round.

Good comments were harvested from this song and video! Even Simon Cowell gave his thumb’s up comment to Paula Abdul! Well, he better be because he’s also included in the video! 🙂



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15 minutes…that’s all it takes to capture the world…

And he did it! Mr. Renaldo Lapuz, the Filipino who made it big by not winning the latest season of the American Idol! Who can forget the last person to audition on the first day of the American Idol? With his silver robes and his big furry hat… and most of all the song that he composed and used as his audition song for the contest! He’s also the first one that got the chance to hug Mr. Simon Cowell, who of all people doesn’t like to be close to any contestants of the show! Though Mr. Renaldo did not get the chance to go to Hollywood, his song will stay “until the end of time”… as Mr. Simon said, he’s afraid that this song might actually make it big!

And so it did! After that day, Mr. Renaldo captured the world, his song was sung by different cultures from the different parts of the world! Search the for his name and his song “We’re Brothers Forever” and you’ll be surprised on how many have made their own versions of the song! And now, he even have his own website where you can download his song and make it as your ringtone! Visit: to find out more! I’ve read that the songs has been translated in 16 languages already and counting!

One more thing I like about Mr. Renaldo is that he is a really good sport, Filipinos are known for our good sense of humor and our capability to accept rejection to a level that no one else can. You can see from his last statement about Mr. Simon, he still believes in him unlike the other ones who didn’t make it threw off tantrums and foul words to the judges and the show!

Anyway, just my two cents for this man who I really enjoyed watching… I can’t even get his song out of my mind that night I heard it! 🙂

For more information about Mr. Renaldo lapuz, visit:

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