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The Monster Radio RX93.1 Radio Station

June 21, 2008 – The Morning Rushers EB

It was a rainy Saturday morning, typhoon signal #2 (Frank) was up in the Manila area, but that didn’t stop us from rushing to the Monster Radio RX93.1’s station on the 17th floor of Strata 2000! This EB was our post-birthday gift to Chico (his birthday is June 17th). Me and my hubby arrived at the radio station around 8:30am, there we met the veteran rushers and the newbies (like me!). What I mean is though we are all listeners of the Morning Rush program, some of us in the EB are veterans in terms of visiting and communicating with the Dynamic Duo and some of us are just newbies at this.

As we are waiting for the Morning Rush program to finish, one by one the other rushers arrived, we introduced ourselves (many of us have known each other only by chatting at our now daily conferences on YM) and we looked at the posters designed by dRu and printed by twistedsunshine.

Then I have to go to the CR…as I was passing the booth where the Duo is doing the program, I took a peek and I saw them looking at me also, I was starstruck! There I am, seeing and meeting the Duo face to face! It was so surreal…

And so the highly anticipated moment came, the program was finished and there’s Chico Garcia walking out from the booth and towards us…he’s wearing a shirt, a pair of cargo shorts and flipflops, I’ve never thought that he can be as simple as us mere mortals…he greeted us all with a smile…then came after him was Delamar…wearing a tunic top and a pair of pants and flipflops…they both looked shy though smiling maybe because we’re all looking at them! This is one of the happiest moment in our entire lives that’s why we can’t take our eyes off of them!

We then presented Chico our surprise gifts, the special poster and a box of special empanada, courtesy of Acer. At first Chico didn’t want to open the box because he’s thinking that it contained some chocolate-coated cockroaches and insects since Acer is in the business of pest extermination but eventually we cheered him to finally open the box and he gave each of us a piece of the special ensaymada (aka baconmada) which is really delicious by the way!

Afterwards, we’re just standing there waiting for our next move when dRu whispered to me to ask Chico to sign our posters. And so I gathered my nerves to ask Chico and he casually took the poster from my hand and signed it by the table near us. He’s so cool! I like him a lot! No negative vibes of being arrogant, even though he’s not feeling really well that day (because the night before he’s already having a high fever) he did came in to work because Ms.Cherry texted him that many of us will come over to see him! Such a really nice person indeed!

Then I asked Delamar to sign the posters, too. She took all of the posters that was already signed by Chico then moved to the table near the booth, away from us, she’s so shy to let us see her writing but I followed to take a picture of her while signing the posters (much of the nerves in me are already driving me nuts!). But Delamar didn’t resist, she genuinely smiled and I took an awesome picture of her!

After that, we all signed at the back of our posters, a remembrance from our fellow Rushers. We exchanged posters, had some fun writing messages for each other!

Then it’s time for our picture taking with the Duo, grouped as newbies and veterans, holding the poster with Chico and Delamar at the center. Here we are!

The Newbies:

The Oldtimers:

And of course, I won’t let the Duo leave without me having a picture with them! And so I asked Chico first to have a picture with me, he even put his arms at my shoulders, it was an awesome moment in my life! 🙂

Then I asked Delamar for a picture with me, she excitingly moved towards me and we had an awesome picture also, with some of our ka-Rushers peeking at the back…hehehe…

The Duo left before us to go spend their weekend at the Kensington Place (where they are invited to spend four weekends just to check out the place!) Whew! I sooo love their job! After all the shindig, we left the station at around 10am and we went to Megamall for a hearty lunch with our fellow Rushers. My hubby and I left around 11:45am since he needs to go to work in Cubao by 12pm and I went back to Cavite to have my teeth checked again because the damned “beef pares” my hubby bought from Pinoy Toppings at the Food Court damaged some nerve endings from my molars!

Aside from the nerve-wracking food I ate, the whole EB experience we had is definitely one of the BEST times of my life! And it really deserves a page on my blog! To all of my new found friends from the Morning Rush forum, thank you so much for being so nice and accommodating! You guys, ROCK!

Some of the photos courtesy of Evilinside and Joe ‘d Specialist. For more pictures, please visit:



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October 12, 2007, it was the AXN’s CSI:Miami Investigation Challenge held at SM Mall Of Asia in Pasay, though me and my hubby weren’t one of the contestants for the challenge (even if we wanted to but we can’t) we went there because I heard Igi Guerrero, a DJ of RX93.1’s Jumpstart Program, announced that Chico and Delamar (DJs of The Morning Rush Program) are the hosts of that event!

When we arrived at the Music Hall of SM MoA, we caught Monstar 88 performing their songs from their recent album “Todo Combo”. We saw Chico and Delamar at the side stage waiting for their cue to host the program, I felt so surreal when I saw them! After the performance, Chico and Delamar (who I think very small number of people out there know them… some aren’t really morning persons) hosted some games for the audience, we didn’t get any chance of joining one, and as we were watching from about 10feet away I was wondering if we can get them to take some pictures with us later.

And so the break time came for the program, and we saw the Duo sat down by the stage just waiting and talking, I really wanted to approach them and to ask if we can take some pictures but I was so starstruck and shy to ask them until it was night time and the program ended by Pupil’s performance of their songs from their recent album “Wildlife” after the Fireworks Display at SM MoA.

Being a listener of the program since 1998, I first heard about them from my hubby, I was so curious as what would they look like and will they be friendly in person…then I saw them on television before, on IBC13 (it was a long time ago) and after many years, I saw them doing a show and being interviewed at RadioMyx (April 10,2007). I joined the Morning Rush Forum and I became active as a Rusher ever since, listening every morning and even sending entries for the Top 10!

Here are the only pictures that we have from the program:


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“If this will not be a popularity contest and just be a Talent contest, you could actually win this competition!”, Simon Cowell at David Cook.

He got me at hello…I mean, he got me when he sang “Always Be My Baby” on the Mariah Carey Week of American Idol Season 7. Though I’m not such a Mariah Carey fan, I fell in love with this song when David Cook made his own rendition of it!

I was a David Archuleta fan when the season started but he lost me on the Beatles Week. Then I became a fan of Micheal Johns but he was voted out, which is very surprising and unfair! And so David Cook won me over. I loved his version of Billie Jean, also.

David Cook, a 25-year old bartender from Tulsa, Oklahoma (though not very new in the music industry!) didn’t even have any plans of auditioning for American Idol, initially he just joined his younger brother Andrew to support him in his audition for the American Idol but ‘fortunately’ when they got interviewed outside the audition area, he said to the crew that he’s not auditioning but the crew told him, “Well, now you are!”. And I thank that crew who forced David to audition, though his brother Andrew didn’t make it to Hollywood but because of him we now have the new American Idol! A landslide victory of another world record of 12 million votes against David Archuleta, no question about it that David Cook is the REAL American Idol!

His winning song, “The Time Of My Life”, now rules the airwaves here in the Philippines, number 1 in the Daily Top Seven on the RX93.1 Daily Survey for almost two weeks now and still counting! I can’t wait to hear another hit song from David Cook, I hope a new album will be released soon!



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This is the youtube video of Renaldo Lapuz’s audition in Texas for the America Idol.

And as Simon had predicted, his song “We’re Brothers Forever” a.k.a. “I am Your Brother” became a big hit! Such a big hit that it made Renaldo Lapuz perform to the American Idol Season 7 Finale! Come to think of it, many have wanted to perform their hearts out for this season’s finale, millions and millions of people around the world are watching because it was a very tight battle between the two Davids, they could have gotten other artists to perform but no, they loved the song and they loved the Pinoy who wrote and sang it heartfelt at his audition.

Here’s the more clear version of the youtube video of American Idol Season 7 Finale:

Now how about that? I salute this one Filipino who really made it BIG by not winning the American Idol but by winning the HEARTS of millions all over the world! Kudos to Renaldo Lapuz! Our Filipino Idol! 😀