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“If this will not be a popularity contest and just be a Talent contest, you could actually win this competition!”, Simon Cowell at David Cook.

He got me at hello…I mean, he got me when he sang “Always Be My Baby” on the Mariah Carey Week of American Idol Season 7. Though I’m not such a Mariah Carey fan, I fell in love with this song when David Cook made his own rendition of it!

I was a David Archuleta fan when the season started but he lost me on the Beatles Week. Then I became a fan of Micheal Johns but he was voted out, which is very surprising and unfair! And so David Cook won me over. I loved his version of Billie Jean, also.

David Cook, a 25-year old bartender from Tulsa, Oklahoma (though not very new in the music industry!) didn’t even have any plans of auditioning for American Idol, initially he just joined his younger brother Andrew to support him in his audition for the American Idol but ‘fortunately’ when they got interviewed outside the audition area, he said to the crew that he’s not auditioning but the crew told him, “Well, now you are!”. And I thank that crew who forced David to audition, though his brother Andrew didn’t make it to Hollywood but because of him we now have the new American Idol! A landslide victory of another world record of 12 million votes against David Archuleta, no question about it that David Cook is the REAL American Idol!

His winning song, “The Time Of My Life”, now rules the airwaves here in the Philippines, number 1 in the Daily Top Seven on the RX93.1 Daily Survey for almost two weeks now and still counting! I can’t wait to hear another hit song from David Cook, I hope a new album will be released soon!



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