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October 12, 2007, it was the AXN’s CSI:Miami Investigation Challenge held at SM Mall Of Asia in Pasay, though me and my hubby weren’t one of the contestants for the challenge (even if we wanted to but we can’t) we went there because I heard Igi Guerrero, a DJ of RX93.1’s Jumpstart Program, announced that Chico and Delamar (DJs of The Morning Rush Program) are the hosts of that event!

When we arrived at the Music Hall of SM MoA, we caught Monstar 88 performing their songs from their recent album “Todo Combo”. We saw Chico and Delamar at the side stage waiting for their cue to host the program, I felt so surreal when I saw them! After the performance, Chico and Delamar (who I think very small number of people out there know them… some aren’t really morning persons) hosted some games for the audience, we didn’t get any chance of joining one, and as we were watching from about 10feet away I was wondering if we can get them to take some pictures with us later.

And so the break time came for the program, and we saw the Duo sat down by the stage just waiting and talking, I really wanted to approach them and to ask if we can take some pictures but I was so starstruck and shy to ask them until it was night time and the program ended by Pupil’s performance of their songs from their recent album “Wildlife” after the Fireworks Display at SM MoA.

Being a listener of the program since 1998, I first heard about them from my hubby, I was so curious as what would they look like and will they be friendly in person…then I saw them on television before, on IBC13 (it was a long time ago) and after many years, I saw them doing a show and being interviewed at RadioMyx (April 10,2007). I joined the Morning Rush Forum and I became active as a Rusher ever since, listening every morning and even sending entries for the Top 10!

Here are the only pictures that we have from the program:


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  1. Nameet mo na sila di ba? nakapagpa-autograph ka pa nga eh 😀 sana madaming posters sa susunod para meron din ako!


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