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My poem, his sounds…One Phenomenal Song!

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It started when Eliad asked a bunch of us in the conference to listen to their first recorded single (titled Home) of their band, the Eve of Dawn. We gave our comments about it, positive or negative MAHAL KO KAYO!!! Oooops! Wrong number! hahaha…. joke!

Then I asked him if he could put some music to one of my poems, he told me that he really wanted to ask me this before when he first read my poems from my other blog site ( and so BINGO! I suggested that he start with my poem “Whenever I See Your Charming Face” which I wrote when I was still in college, supposedly a song for a band that we wanted to form. And if I’m not mistaken, within a week or two he came up with the sounds and he recorded it with his sister, Eres, singing the song! I noticed the guitar chords he used for that song, and it’s almost the same chords I used before and I really love the beat that came out from the strumming. I told him that this song will be much nicer if it was sung by a guy, not that I am saying I don’t like Eres’ version of it but it will be just nicer since the lyrics are more of a guy thing.

Then after a few days of me teasing him to make a version of his, he finally gave in and made some revisions of the lyrics, from the word “charming” he made it “lovely”, but it worked, it really worked! And we, the Rushers from the YM conference who heard this song for the first time, thought that this can be a HIT! So I uploaded the song to some of the uploading sites and posted it to one of my websites, I even made an improvised album cover from one of his pictures and entitled it “Your Liyadness” (courtesy of DoorNextDGirl).

If you want to hear the song sample, just click the links below the pictures. Now here I will show you the first version of the song FACE with the “album cover” I stole ( πŸ™‚ stole not borrowed! hehehe…) from Eres’ Friendster account:


And here’s the latest version with Eliad’s picture he dug out from his “deleted” files πŸ™‚ :

FACE – Eliad Pacete

I hope you like it as much as we. Please leave a comment about the song, it will be much appreciated! Thank you again, Eliad, for the music of this song! And thank you to all of you who listened and loved the song! πŸ™‚

Watch out for more! WooHoo!!!


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  1. Watch out for more???

    I hope your not planning on making a demo CD… ninenerbyos ako sa iyo ‘day! πŸ˜€


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