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Finally! We have our Eraserheads Reunion Concert Tickets!

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WooooHoooooo!!! After some stressful days and nights of waiting for the real deal regarding the Eraserheads Reunion Concert, it’s finally over because now we got hold of our tickets for this one-night only event of the year! Honestly, we don’t have any budget for the tickets, we have so much financial problems for this month (because of my hubby’s credit card bill!) and I was hopeless that I can watch the concert. But then I thought about the Filipino saying, “kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw may dahilan”, meaning if you really want something then you will do everything in your power to make it happen and but if you don’t really want it then you make excuses just to avoid it.

But I really, really want to watch the concert, much more when I’ve read from this BLOG that the original plan of playing just 10 of their songs and the concert will just last for 45 minutes are scratched off because of the new sponsor managing the concert, they will now play double the number and the concert is longer! Oh gosh, I have to do something!!!

And so I thought of someone who can and maybe lend me some money to buy the tickets for me and my hubby, the first person who came into mind is Astroboy (na girl), a fellow Rusher and a close friend, she is really a breath of fresh air and such a ray of sunshine (pwera boladas ha!). And so I texted her about it and I was not disappointed, she said YES and I literally jumped off my seat because of too much joy in my heart! I was so relieved! 🙂

I really do appreciate the help and the effort she exerted to deposit the money on my hubby’s BPI account, the branch near her office is a Family bank and so she had to walk and skip her lunch to go to The Podium. More hugs and kisses for you, girl! I love you! You’re the best! I promise that I will make it up to you, I’m going to create a beautiful necklace just for you! 😉

Then early this morning, my hubby went to the Ticketworld Branch at the NBS Alabang Town Center to buy those tickets! He said that it was really a long line at the Customer Service counter, of course they all have the same thing in mind! He even told me that the cashier mistakenly gave him 3pcs of Patron tickets, if my hubby was so bad enough he would have gone off with those tickets but he corrected the cashier and instead got the right tickets which are 2pcs of Gen Ad ones! Oh, it’s such a hard battle between good and evil!

So now, without further ado, I present to you our tickets for the concert!

Next blog will be about the concert itself so watch out for it! I will be including some videos and photos as well. See you all in the concert, fellow Eraserheads fans!!! 😀



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July 14th, the said rumor of ERASERHEADS Reunion concert was finally confirmed by Ely Buendia in his interview at Chika Minute on 24 Oras (a GMA7 News Program). It was said to be held on August 30, 2008, and the tickets will be free or even “downloadable” from a website that was yet to be announced by early August. And so I searched for this website right after I heard the news and it came to my knowledge that will be the one giving out the tickets as long as you are a member of the RED LIST. And so I registered even if I am NOT a smoker just to have a chance for the very much sought-after tickets!

August came…no update about the tickets, no news about who really got some tickets already…although there was this picture circulating the net that someone already got tickets! I don’t know exactly if these are genuine tickets, though…

And so last night I searched again, I came upon this blog with some updates about the delay of the tickets’ release. It says there that the DOH didn’t give any permission to Philip Morris (the company who owns Marlboro) to sponsor the said event and so came the delayed ticket release which was supposedly August 18th. Also it was said there that the venue is now moved to The Fort and not on CCP Open Grounds.

Hindi pa rin ako mapakali, so I searched more…and OH NO! I stumbled upon this blog saying that the Eraserheads Reunion Concert was canceled! I was so shocked and very much disappointed! I have been an Eheads fan since Junior High and we have all of their songs from all of their albums in our mp3 playlist! Eheads practically made my Highschool life bearable and enjoyable! And so I went hysterical! Really! I even posted it in the Morning Rush Forum and Eliad was also very much disappointed with the news.

And as I was sulking inside with tears of disappointment, I opened the Morning Rush Multiply account, there I saw a blog saying that the concert is not really canceled! I immediately clicked the blog link and there it was, the GOOD NEWS straight from Raymund Marasigan! Read on:

From: “raymund marasigan” <asmatik88@…>
Date: Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:37 am
Subject: eraserheads aug 30 08 confirmed

dear everybody

after much ado. the eraserheads concert is most definitely pushing

philip morris and its brands have pulled out from the concert. but
another company is taking over the production. the turn over started
yesterday and they have already started work on the site in the fort.
so you can check.

there are good news and bad news.

unfortunately its no longer free. all the long winded registration
procedures in the red nation site is now void.

the good news is that the age limit is now 12 years old (for safety
reasons)and tickets will be sold so you dont have to wait for
confirmation and what not.

the official announcement and ticketing details will come out in major
newspapers and on the radio on tuesday.

these are the only details i know for now so no need to email me. im
just the drummer.

btw. i just got home from the last rehearsal. the band is cooking. we
will see you all on the 30th.


NOW, all Eraserheads fans will be at ease and will just wait for the availability of the tickets! I sure hope we can get some! <praying>

For the news about the DOH’s not issuing the permit, and some clarifications about it, read here:

And to know more about the Eraserheads practice for the upcoming concert, read here:

*photo of Eraserheads courtsey of Pinoy Music Lyrics website, photo of concert flyer courtesy of


According to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) website, the tickets are priced Php1,500 each for General Admission! Contact the TICKETWORLD to buy those EXPENSIVE tickets… As for me, SUNTOK SA BUWAN na lang kung makakapunta pa ako sa concert na yan…hindi na kasi PARA SA MASA! 😦


According to CHIKA MINUTE (24 Oras), ticket prices are Php800 and Php1,300!

Talk Show @ Jose Magsaysay Elementary School :)

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It all started with a text message from Ms. Imelda (a.k.a. k2ytes from the morning rush forum) that she is inviting me, Kimmy and Liyad to be the guests on their Talk Show Event (about BLOGGING) in the school where she is the OIC, the Jose Magsaysay Elementary School in Makati.

Originally it was dated August 28th but since it’s a Thursday I was in doubt that I can make it because I am the only one taking care of the kids and I don’t know if my hubby’s work schedule will change by that time for him to be in charge of the kids when I’m not at home. And so I requested to Kytes if it can be moved to another date which is August 22nd, a Friday before a long weekend. It was approved!

Meeting place is at McDonalds Guadalupe, near MRT Station, around 11:30am. Kytes said that we’ll have lunch at the school before the program. I came in around 12am, why? Dahil sa masungit at walang pakialam na kundoktor ng bus! Kaya tuloy sa may Boni na ako nakababa at nag-MRT pa pabalik sa Guadalupe! Kakaloka! Pero at least, better late than never! 😉

And so we arrived at JMES, some grade school students greeted, “Good afternoon, … visitors”, mumbling the last word though, unsure of what to say, they are cute and funny! I remembered the time when I was also their age! 😀

We went upstairs, Room M-001, a shortcut to M-002 which is  Kytes’ Office (Principal’s Office), a very cute and comfy room there! We had lunch then prepared for the talk show program. We went upstairs, I can’t remember which floor dahil sa dami ng hagdan na inakyat namin! Kaya pala binusog muna kami! hahaha… 😀

Finally, reached the room where the program is held, ang daming bata! Mga Grade 5 & 6 students pala sila with their Teachers and some parents. Ang cute ng stage set-up, with pink sofa, and there’s the two student-hosts of the program,  Lovely Joy Burgos and Brian Paul Villareal.

We talked about when and how we started blogging, along with it’s benefits. We gave out tips and advices for the children, na talaga namang nakikinig sa amin! We played the song that me and Eliad made, “Whenever I See Your Lovely Face”, na kinakanta na rin nung mga bata after two chorus, and I even heard two or three kids who gave a comment, “Ang ganda nung kanta!”, syempre nakakataba naman ng puso yun! Then after the program, the children asked for our Friendster accounts, kasi nagbiruan kami na i-add nila kami sa Friendster nila nung tinanong namin kung sino may account dun (at ang dami nila, halos lahat yata, iba na talaga ang kabataan ngayon!) Meron pa nga daw na nagpa-autograph na kay Eliad kasi nagbiro ako ng, “Magpa-autograph na kayo dyan kasi sisikat na yan!” 😀

All in all, this is one of the great experiences in my life, it brought me back to the times when I was still young and vibrant, and at the same time I have shared to these kids the wisdom that I have accumulated over the years. I hope that they will use our advices wisely and somehow we have contributed into changing their lives!

Thanks to Kytes for inviting us to be a part of this great program for the young minds! And also thank you so much for the “token of appreciation” that you have given us, I am really enjoying reading the books ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! and YOUNG BLOOD 3. And I hope that I can also make a contribution for the Young Blood Series and maybe write a book in the future! 😀

Photos courtesy of Eliad and his gf Nancy! For more of these, click here.  Thanks! 😉

So…You Want To Be A Writer?

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Here are some of the simple lessons that you should learn before you venture into becoming a WRITER.

I have read this article from the Manila Bulletin Online, under Youth & Campus:


First tip, for the frightened: When in doubt, use “who.” Using “who” incorrectly simply makes you sound casual.

Using “whom” incorrectly makes you sound like a stuffed shirt with a bad education. That said, here we go:

“Who” is a pronoun that is in the nominative case. In other words, it is the subject of the verb.

“Whom” is a pronoun that is in the objective case. In other words, it is the object of the verb (or preposition).


Who is that man over there? (“who” as subject of verb “is”)

To whom did you give the prize? (“whom” as object of preposition “to”)

Trouble descends when writers mistake “whom” as the object of a preposition when in fact it is the subject of the following verb:

Wrong: Give the prize to whomever earned it.

Right: Give the prize to whoever earned it. (“Whoever” is not the object of the preposition “to.” It is the subject of the verb “earned.”)

Is it any wonder this gets confusing? It helps to look at the entire sentence:

Wrong: I wondered whom you thought did the best job.

Right: I wondered who you thought did the best job.

The entire clause, “who did the best job,” is the object here. This one’s trickier because “you thought,” a subject/verb expression, separates the true subject (who) from the true verb (did).

Try switching the sentence around if you aren’t sure whether the pronoun should be a subject or object:

Right: We have to believe whomever your mother believes. (Your mother believes whomever.)

Right: Tell your aunt to bring whomever she wants. (She wants to bring whomever.)

Bonus examples:

Right: We have to believe whoever your mother believes is right. (whoever is right)

Right: Tell your aunt to bring whoever she thinks is witty. (whoever is witty)

* Emergency tip: You can always rewrite sentences to avoid the pronoun altogether! And again, if you really, really can’t fathom the differences, stick with “who.”


SCENE STEALER. Write a scene that contains a felled tree, a stray cat, and a broken toaster. Add a pair of sequined shoes for good measure.

INSPIRATIONS. Sometimes you can get inspiration for one art by drawing from another. I keep a big cache of art postcards — reproductions of museum paintings — and go through them every so often to find something that fits a character or mood that I wish to create in a story.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” might conjure just the melancholy a character is feeling, or an example from one of the cubists might reinforce the tipped-over sensibility in a novel with an unconventional structure. What I do is hang up the appropriate post card near where I’m writing. When I feel the mood slipping, or the prose coming to a dead stop, I look at the painting again — I mean really look at it — to try to recapture that mood.

Some writers tell me they do this with music. For example, to get into a character’s head, they listen to the music their character would listen to, whether it’s a Vivaldi concerto or Patsy Cline. The music keeps them anchored to the character. If music is too distracting (I prefer quiet work sessions), you could try listening to your character’s music just before you sit down to write. His/her music will be in your head, but the room will be tranquil enough for some concentrated work.

SCHEDULING. Make yourself a schedule for any contingency. This really works! I have several different schedules that I hang up near my work station, e.g., a “working day” schedule, a “writing day” schedule, a “business day” schedule, and so on. That way, no matter what kind of day I am faced with, I always have a structure to fall back on if I need it.

If you have to ferry kids around all afternoon, or work at a grocery store from 8-5, you are more likely to include something of a writing life if you schedule it in. Your schedule will reflect your own priorities and rhythms.

A “writing” day might look like this:

9am – 11am: Work on new novel/stories

12pm-2pm: Answer phone messages/email

2pm – 2:45: Read over morning’s work, make revision notes

3:00 – : Kids, etc.

A “working day” might look like this:

8am – 5pm: At work

8pm – 9:30pm: Work on new story

9:30 – 10pm: Make notes on next scene

A “business day” might look like this:

7am – 9am: Work on fresh material

9:30am – 12pm: Write query letters; work on book proposal

1pm – 2:30pm: Catch up on email/phone messages

3:00 – 6pm: Print stories that are ready to be sent out; write cover letters; go to post office; trip for office supplies

I was raised Catholic and therefore possess a highly tuned sense of reward and punishment. Here’s the drill: Plan the reward first. A bottle of Ridge Geyserville zinfandel, a round of miniature golf, a night of karaoke, whatever floats your boat.

To get this reward you must write 16 pages of one thing. (Sixteen first pages don’t count.) If you fail in your mission, forget the punishment — I’m not as Catholic as I used to be. But do start over until you succeed within a reasonable deadline. Then, enjoy your reward!

HAVING TROUBLE KEEPING ON TASK? Give yourself the following marching orders: You may not check your email, play Solitaire, surf the Web, or do anything else on your computer except write — until a certain time in the day. My time is 3 p.m., which is email time. (I deleted all the games that came with my computer, which is a little extreme, but after kicking a “Doom” addiction a few years ago, I remain a bit squirrelly.) Stick to this edict and you’ll be shocked at how much more you produce. This means you!

TAKE A VACATION. Lots of people take vacation time. Even writers. If you’re headed for the shore, or the mountains, or to your best friend’s apartment for a week of catching up, don’t bring your writing with you. Bring a journal if you must, but even journals can mar that important free time.

KEEP A JOURNAL. On a panel discussion that I participated in recently, a writer named Nancy Heiser mentioned keeping a “progress journal.” This is a little book in which you write a short account of the day’s work. “Worked on revision of Story X”; “started new story about lost alligator”; “threw out alligator story and went back to novel”; “read story by Alice Munro”; “rewrote last paragraph of Story Z”; etc.

This idea struck me as so affirming — a way to account for what so often feels like lost time — that I instantly went out and bought a beautiful journal (paid ten bucks for it!) in which to record my literary efforts. I already feel smarter, zippier, more productive! Today’s entry will be: “Updated ‘tips’ section on website.” Hey, at least I did something.

REJECTION? Sending out your work for publication can be a soul-crushing enterprise. Rejection — and for quite a long period, constant rejection — is simply part of the writing life.

A friend of mine who was a National Book Award finalist confessed that his book had gone to 23 publishers before finding a home. One of my favorite stories–and in my opinion one of my best–went to 15 magazines before getting accepted. I knew it was good, and just kept going. I am continually appalled at students of mine who give up after three or four tries. Are you a writer or a mouse?

To keep yourself from dying of rejection, put your rejection slips into categories. A slip with anything written on it means a human being read it and liked it enough to respond. Celebrate. A story that comes back looking as if squirrels ate part of it for lunch? Ditto. It was read, presumably not by squirrels.

Blank rejection slips attached to a pristine copy of your story (the paper clip is in exactly the same place) are hard to reconcile, and I have no advice except to remind you that this happens to all writers, even ones who publish a lot. The only way to make sure you never get rejected is to never send out a story.

A PLACE TO WRITE: There is nothing more motivating to any writer, at any level of experience, than to have a room of his or her own.

I have my own little studio in the back yard. It changed my writing life. But even if your space is just a TV tray in the corner of the bedroom, make it totally yours. Hang up an inspirational quote or two (“Be here, now” is my current favorite), add a vase for keeping pens, a ceramic bowl for paper clips…anything to press your presence upon your space. This is your space, and you deserve it.

THE LAST LINE: Problems finishing your stories? Start with a last line. Any last line. Have a friend (or even an enemy) give you a last line. This is what you write towards. The line will almost certainly change by the time you get there, but in the meantime you will have tricked yourself into finishing something for a change!

DON’T QUIT. When you’ve been writing awhile and feel yourself losing steam, make a cup of tea, go back to your work, and don’t allow yourself to officially quit until the tea is gone. You’ll end up with at least another sentence or two, and maybe even more.


SHORTEN SENTENCES. One effective way to reinforce a tense or suspenseful passage is to shorten the sentences. The language then tends to echo that heart-flutter feeling that comes with tension. For example, here is a passage that describes a woman not knowing what to expect when entering a room:

The door had been left partly ajar, whether by the super or by one of the kids in the downstairs apartment, she couldn’t be sure. She put one finger on the door and pushed, holding her breath as it swung open.

Now, the same passage, with chopped-up sentences:

The door had been left partly ajar. The super? One of those kids from downstairs? She touched the door. Sucked in her breath. Pushed.

AVOID VERB OVERUSE. To make your prose more buoyant, avoid overusing any form of the verb “to be”: am, are, is, was, were. Very often, you can blame a dull passage on this dull verb. Compare this:

It was a lovely day — the sun was blinding, and the air was cold.

with this:

Despite a blinding sun, the air cracked with cold.

Once you commit to purging the verb “to be,” you force yourself to find more interesting constructions in order to avoid it.

KNOW CHARACTER’S BIRTH DATE. This one will sound a little loopy, but it works for me. Know your character’s exact birth date. Then, check his daily horoscope — or, if you are so inclined, read his cards, do up her numerology chart, or study his I Ching. It’s silly, yes; but will give you ideas about a character’s possibilities that you might not have come to otherwise.

TITLES, TITLES. Some writers have a terrible time with titles, so here’s an extremely subjective primer on choosing titles.

The best titles, in my view, contain a noun — not an abstract noun like gratitude or restitution, but a muscular, concrete noun like lawn mower or blanket or streetwalker. Often, the noun has a modifier: “The 500-pound Lawn Mower”; “The Last Green Blanket”; “A Streetwalker’s Bible.” In short, pick something that puts a picture in the reader’s head, along with a mystery. Think The Virgin Suicides. Think The Bluest Eye. Think The Sweet Hereafter.

Verb forms make for uninteresting titles, I think, especially gerunds. “Disappearing” is my worst title ever, to an early short story. Gerunds strike me as too thematic, too calculated to announce the story’s intentions. Titles like “Telling Lies,” “Leaving Home,” “Knowing the Score” (not actual titles, to my knowledge) don’t draw me in. There is no picture to hang onto. Waiting for Godot is terrible, if I may be so bold; The Bald Soprano is great. Verbs can work well, though, if used as an imperative — for example, Come To Me by Amy Bloom; Read This and Tell Me What It Says by Manette Ansay.

I also love possessives in titles: My first published story was called “Alison’s Hair,” and I still like this awkward, young story, partly for sentimental reasons, but mostly because the title still pleases me.

One more thing about titles–often they will come late in the writing process, as a sign that you finally “get” what the story’s about. What a feeling!

AVOID MONOTONES. When writing in the present tense, vary your sentence structure to avoid stylistic monotony. Present tense has a way of announcing itself sentence by sentence, making the prose sound staccato and blunted. Example:

Ezra pulls up in front of Rosamund’s house. He gets out of the car. He checks her windows. The house is dark. Her mailbox appears empty. He paces the sidewalk. He wonders what to do.

This is an extreme example, but you get the idea. Some people claim to hate present-tense stories, but I suspect that’s only when they are aware of the present tense. Unless the blunt assault is exactly what you’re after, mix up the syntax. Collapse two sentences into one; begin with a phrase rather than a clause; play with more elegant constructions. Example:

After he pulls up in front of Rosamund’s house, Ezra gets out to check her windows. The house is dark. Pacing the sidewalk, wondering what to do, he glances at her empty mailbox, her empty flower beds.

This version is more musical and the present tense recedes into the prose in a way that most readers will prefer. If pressed to tell what tense the story was written in, most readers would not be able to instantly recall, and that’s a sign that style has not superceded substance.

PAST PERFECT. When working with flashback, beware what I call the “black hole of the past perfect.” The auxiliary verb “had,” which creates the past-perfect tense necessary to entering a flashback, becomes intrusive very quickly, giving the prose a said-and-done quality that blocks the story’s flow.

Example: “Figaro had driven to town that day and had spotted Alice through the pharmacy window. At first he had thought it was her sister, Grace, but a second look had revealed the unwelcome news in a day already long and full of bad omens.”

The repeated use of “had” gums up this otherwise decent passage. Switch to the simple past as soon as you can when writing a flashback. One or two uses of the past perfect is sufficient to imply the switch to an earlier time period.

Example: “Figaro had driven to town that day and spotted Alice through the pharmacy window. At first he thought it was her sister, Grace, but a second look revealed…”

See how much more quickly you draw the reader into this earlier time period? By using the simple past tense instead of the past perfect, you give the past incident a more immediate feeling, as if it were happening now.

GRAPHIC IMAGING: This is just a show-offy way of describing the process of marking up a manuscript with highlighters. Here’s how it goes:

If the story has a lot of flashback, I highlight all the flashback first, in yellow. Then I look at the throughline (the present-time part of the story), and determine whether the throughline also has something in it that I want to delineate–two points of view, for example.

I highlight those parts with additional colors. Then I spread the manuscript on the floor and gawk for a while. The marking gives me an instant graphical view of the story’s structure, and I can identify problems more easily.

If there is a preponderance of yellow, I know I’ve included an awful lot of background material, and perhaps the story has become too expository as a result. If the throughline is all green except for some snippets of purple, I can see that the second character I’ve put in probably doesn’t merit her own point of view.

DIALOGUE WRITING: For those of us who love writing dialogue, early drafts often become flabby and redundant. We let our characters yammer on, because we’re having too much fun to stop them. To add tension and put a little snap into your dialogue, try having a character jump to a conclusion.

For example, instead of an endless back-and-forth between tenant and landlord, in which the landlord, Floyd, makes a long list of complaints that the tenant, Leroy, refutes one by one, have Leroy skip a few steps by second-guessing Floyd:

“I’ve been meaning to speak to you, Leroy,” Floyd said, consulting his clipboard.

Leroy narrowed his eyes. “If it’s about my so-called bad habits, you can forget it. What about that parrot in 3C that sings ‘Yankee Doodle’ half the night?”

In this example, Leroy cuts to the chase before Floyd can list his many complaints. You get instant tension and the story takes an unexpected turn.

SHOW AND TELL. Don’t enslave yourself to “showing.” Show-don’t-tell is a guideline, not a rule. Sometimes telling is more effective than showing. A brief statement — “Helen was a cheat” — may be far more effective than a two-page scene showing Helen at work as a cheat. Telling can be just as thrilling as showing, as long as the prose is interesting and engaging.

4. “LIE” and “LAY”

“Lie” means “to recline.” Don’t say “I’m laying in my bed with a broken knee.” No matter how often you hear this, it is still wrong. The correct form is “I’m lying in my bed with a broken knee.”

“Lay” means “to put or place.” E.g., “My husband is laying a pile of books on my bed because I can’t get them myself.”

The past tense of “lie” is “lay.” The past tense of “lay” is “laid.” Most people know the difference between “lie” and “lay” in the present tense. The problem comes in past tense, which is truly diabolical. I have seen terrible errors in the past tense even in beautiful literary novels.

Here is a little primer. Please trust me. These are right.

1. Here I am, lying in bed with a broken knee. Yesterday I lay in bed with a broken knee. I have lain in bed with this same damned broken knee for a week.

2. Dan laid a pile of books on my bed because I couldn’t get to them myself. Every book he lays down turns out not to be the one I thought I wanted. He has laid book after book down on this bed, but they’re all the wrong ones.


Finally! Purple Roses!

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OMG! I never thought that I would live until the day I will finally see a purple rose! And I really did! And not just one piece but a whole bunch of them!

August 16, 2008, after the Rushers Mini-EB and some activities after it, I went to SM Makati to buy some gift for my niece. After some two hours of circling the whole department store I searched for an easier way to go out of the mall and go home. I was just going down the escalator by the SM Makati Foodcourt when I saw this flower stall by the side of the escalator…I passed by it and saw lots of flowers and roses of different kind and color…and I was just wondering, “Maybe they have some purple roses here…”, and to my surprise there it was!!! By the corner of the stall near the cash register were a whole bunch of purple roses! You won’t even notice them because they are just a small bunch there but I saw it! And I almost went hysterical! I went closer to the stall and held some of the purple roses, I checked out the prices and they are not really that expensive (since it’s not Valentine’s Day!), some 6pcs/bunch costs around Php150-200 depending maybe on the number of purple roses already in bloom since it includes some rose buds in there.

I stopped myself from buying them since I’m on a tight budget, but I will come back to buy me some of those! And so I walked away from the purple roses somewhat with a heavy heart but before I went out of the door I snapped out of my sadness and went back to take a picture of those purple roses! I just thought if I can’t buy them now then I just have to take a picture of it! And so I prepared my cellphone’s camera and passed by the stall again and … ‘click’, I got myself a photo of those purple roses! The guy standing at the stall was surprised to see me took a picture but then I walked as fast as I could away from the area. 😀

Now, here’s the only photo I got and I am so glad that my cellphone’s camera is fast! Thanks to the new technology! 😀

Support Our Nominees To The New 7 Wonders Of The World!

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According to recent news about the ranking of the new seven wonders of the world nominees, our bets have dropped down from the top seven list. The Palawan Tubbataha Reefs (was formerly number 7) dropped one notch from number 8, Chocolate Hills of Bohol slid one notch from number 9, Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park dropped one notch from number 10, and the most dramatic plunge is that of Mayon Volcano from number 18 to number 20!

Now, what can we do about it? VOTE! Voting is just a few clicks away…remember that you may only be one person but you can make a difference! Vote now!

Know more about our bets for the new seven wonders of the world, just click the links below!


News Source:

Francis Magalona now in battle with Leukemia

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FrancisM, The Master Rapper, The Man From Manila and the King of Pinoy Rap, these are just some of the appellations of Francis Magalona, son of late movie screen legends Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, who is now confirmed to be battling the big C.

Yesterday, at 24 Oras (GMA7 news program), there was a portion of the entertainment news about Francis Magalona soliciting for blood donations for his illness, which they didn’t really mention what at the time, although some blind items and rumors went around about a singer-actor-TV host who is now in ICU. But today, August 14th, came the confirmed news that Kiko (Francis’ nickname) is indeed stricken with Leukemia and the blood donations they are soliciting are for replacing the blood supply that he used from the hospital, he is Blood Type O. It was also announced at Eat Bulaga! (GMA7 noon time show) by Vic Sotto while reading his text messages for the Eat Bulaga! family and audience.

Francis’s message reads:

“Sa lahat ng mga dabarkads ko dito sa Eat Bulaga! miss ko na kayong lahat. Araw-araw magkakasama tayo at kayo’y naging second family ko na. Pati na rin lahat ng mga viewers sa mga bahay at sa studio.

“Ngayon meron akong isang pagsubok na dapat daanan at ang hiling ko lang ay ang inyong pang-unawa at suporta. I have been diagnosed with leukemia and I am preparing for my treatment.

“Sa tulong ng Panginoon kakayanin ko po ito. Abangan ninyo ang aking pagbabalik. ‘Di ko lang kayo miss, love ko kayong lahat.” – courtesy of Philippine Entertainment Portal

Although melancholy filled the Eat Bulaga! studio, messages of support and prayers were given for Kiko who despite his illness is still in “high spirits” right now according to his wife Pia Arroyo. And indeed God is good to him for his illness is known to be treatable! He is really looking forward in going back to TV hosting and doing what he does best, singing and rapping.

I have been such a fan of Kiko since I was in elementary school, that was the time when he first came out with the song “Mga Kababayan” and gave birth to Filipino Rap music, also he was the one who paraded the Yo! insignia necklace (a peace sign) which of course was definitely imitated by everyone! I had a crush way back then to a classmate of mine who really copied Kiko’s moves and clothing. 😀

For me, Francis Magalona is really a true idol and a Filipino icon who will never fade. I sure hope and pray that he will emerge victorious from this episode of his life and will come back with another big hit song about it that will definitely inspire every person who is in this same shoes as he is right now.

Kudos to you, Francis M! Our prayers are with you! God bless you, man! Peace, yo!

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