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Finally! Purple Roses!

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OMG! I never thought that I would live until the day I will finally see a purple rose! And I really did! And not just one piece but a whole bunch of them!

August 16, 2008, after the Rushers Mini-EB and some activities after it, I went to SM Makati to buy some gift for my niece. After some two hours of circling the whole department store I searched for an easier way to go out of the mall and go home. I was just going down the escalator by the SM Makati Foodcourt when I saw this flower stall by the side of the escalator…I passed by it and saw lots of flowers and roses of different kind and color…and I was just wondering, “Maybe they have some purple roses here…”, and to my surprise there it was!!! By the corner of the stall near the cash register were a whole bunch of purple roses! You won’t even notice them because they are just a small bunch there but I saw it! And I almost went hysterical! I went closer to the stall and held some of the purple roses, I checked out the prices and they are not really that expensive (since it’s not Valentine’s Day!), some 6pcs/bunch costs around Php150-200 depending maybe on the number of purple roses already in bloom since it includes some rose buds in there.

I stopped myself from buying them since I’m on a tight budget, but I will come back to buy me some of those! And so I walked away from the purple roses somewhat with a heavy heart but before I went out of the door I snapped out of my sadness and went back to take a picture of those purple roses! I just thought if I can’t buy them now then I just have to take a picture of it! And so I prepared my cellphone’s camera and passed by the stall again and … ‘click’, I got myself a photo of those purple roses! The guy standing at the stall was surprised to see me took a picture but then I walked as fast as I could away from the area. 😀

Now, here’s the only photo I got and I am so glad that my cellphone’s camera is fast! Thanks to the new technology! 😀


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