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Finally! We have our Eraserheads Reunion Concert Tickets!

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WooooHoooooo!!! After some stressful days and nights of waiting for the real deal regarding the Eraserheads Reunion Concert, it’s finally over because now we got hold of our tickets for this one-night only event of the year! Honestly, we don’t have any budget for the tickets, we have so much financial problems for this month (because of my hubby’s credit card bill!) and I was hopeless that I can watch the concert. But then I thought about the Filipino saying, “kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw may dahilan”, meaning if you really want something then you will do everything in your power to make it happen and but if you don’t really want it then you make excuses just to avoid it.

But I really, really want to watch the concert, much more when I’ve read from this BLOG that the original plan of playing just 10 of their songs and the concert will just last for 45 minutes are scratched off because of the new sponsor managing the concert, they will now play double the number and the concert is longer! Oh gosh, I have to do something!!!

And so I thought of someone who can and maybe lend me some money to buy the tickets for me and my hubby, the first person who came into mind is Astroboy (na girl), a fellow Rusher and a close friend, she is really a breath of fresh air and such a ray of sunshine (pwera boladas ha!). And so I texted her about it and I was not disappointed, she said YES and I literally jumped off my seat because of too much joy in my heart! I was so relieved! 🙂

I really do appreciate the help and the effort she exerted to deposit the money on my hubby’s BPI account, the branch near her office is a Family bank and so she had to walk and skip her lunch to go to The Podium. More hugs and kisses for you, girl! I love you! You’re the best! I promise that I will make it up to you, I’m going to create a beautiful necklace just for you! 😉

Then early this morning, my hubby went to the Ticketworld Branch at the NBS Alabang Town Center to buy those tickets! He said that it was really a long line at the Customer Service counter, of course they all have the same thing in mind! He even told me that the cashier mistakenly gave him 3pcs of Patron tickets, if my hubby was so bad enough he would have gone off with those tickets but he corrected the cashier and instead got the right tickets which are 2pcs of Gen Ad ones! Oh, it’s such a hard battle between good and evil!

So now, without further ado, I present to you our tickets for the concert!

Next blog will be about the concert itself so watch out for it! I will be including some videos and photos as well. See you all in the concert, fellow Eraserheads fans!!! 😀


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