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Archuleta and Cook: The Battle is ON!

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This is one of my post at The Morning Rush Forum under the topic, “the battle of the davids” by Geyp. 😉

Archuleta’s “CRUSH” – I must admit that it gave me such a nasty LSS when I first heard this. I hated myself for it! (hehehe…) I’ve already expected that he’ll sing this kind of song anyway. And in the very ripe time of pop songs, his song debuted at #2! So this round (just for the Billborad Hot 100) is for Archuleta.

Now, I’m posting here some facts about David Archuleta:
“Crush” has set some records:

1. The highest debut, at #2, on the Hot 100 this year.
2. The highest debut of all Idol album singles on the Hot 100
3. The highest position of all Idol album singles (tied with Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”) on the Hot 100.
4. The highest chart position for an Idol, period, since Taylor Hicks coronation single, “Do I Make You Proud” debuted at #1 in 2006.


Cook’s “Light On” – I first heard this while I was ironing clothes, and it stopped me from what I was doing because I knew that it is David Cook’s song! I didn’t feel that kind of LSS thing but definitely it got me…and as I am hearing it everyday it sticks to me like super glue unlike Archuleta’s song which made me want to tear my ears out every time I hear it playing on the radio! Ok, his song didn’t debut on the record high like that of Archuleta’s but as Chico said, this kind of song will definitely have long legs that it will make it’s way to the top and it will stick there for a long time, just like what happened with “Time Of My Life”.

Now for some facts about David Cook:
David Cook, has already broke several Billboard chart records even before the release of his sophomore album.

For the Billboard chart week ending May 25, 2008, David Cook established a feat of having eleven songs debut on the Hot 100 beating the previous record set by Miley Cyrus of Disney’s Hannah Montana in 2006 when the teen star had six songs that debuted on the chart.

David’s American Idol single, “The Time of My Life” which is also the winning song in the Idol songwriting competition, debuted at no. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

David’s eleven charting songs also gave him the most songs by one artist on the Hot 100 of any week in the Nielsen SoundScan era (which began in 1991), and the most of any era since The Beatles placed 14 songs on the chart the week of April 11, 1964.


So there…my opinions and some facts…

UPDATE: 12/5/08

This update is about the music videos of the singles from Archuleta and Cook. It was just last night that I saw Cook’s music video of “Light On”, I have seen Archuleta’s music video of “Crush” way earlier, and I must say that I love “Light On” much better. “Crush” is just too girly and too simple for my taste, I’m not saying Archuleta is girly (hahaha…) but for me, “Light On” has the more mature kind of crushing -on-someone scenario, how ironic…hahaha… 😀

Got this from Wikipedia about “Light On” music video: On November 22,2008, the video debuted at #1 on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown.

Anyways, I have heard from Monster Radio RX 93.1 the next single from Archuleta, “A Little Too Not Over You”, again with the pop beat, not very catchy for me though. We’ll see how it will do in the RX Top 7. I wonder what is Cook’s next single…can’t wait for it! 😉