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Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT Saga (Warning: Contains Spoilers!)

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If you haven’t read any of the Twilight novels above and are planning to read them in the near future, I firmly suggest that you DO NOT read this blog and browse somewhere else or better yet start reading the novels first. This will contain all of my personal views and comments plus results of my research about all of the 4 books of the Twilight Saga including a few extra. Don’t say that I did not warn you! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. 😉

I have to admit that I got hooked in this vampire-human love story saga that Stephenie Meyer created. Honestly, I have no idea about it since I’m not very much into reading novels (I easily get bored) and I’m not familiar with the author. I just saw a small article about the release of the last novel, Breaking Dawn, in the promotional brochure by Powerbooks that I received and I got intrigued by the book cover and the synopsis.

When I heard a news about the latest movie of Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) being moved from it’s original release of November 21, 2008 to next year to give way to the release of Twilight the Movie (apparently the same release date) I got really more intrigued as to how and why this movie which is also an adaptation of the novel Twilight got Harry Potter be moved!

I’ve asked some friends and acquaintances of mine who have read the Twilight Series, and they all have the same comment about the book one which is Twilight: The Best Romantic Novel Ever! A guy friend of mine, Joe, who also got intrigued about the novel was also hooked into reading it! I even opened a topic about it on the Rusher’s forum to help me get some convincing comments from other readers and it seems that these novels are very highly recommended! And so I’ve asked around as to how much each book cost (paperback and hard-bound) but I didn’t get any chance to buy me a copy of the first book. I didn’t want to be left out when the movie is released and I don’t have any idea about the novel so I settled for the ebook that was sent to me by Cherry, a friend who really influenced me into reading it (Thank you so much, by the way!).

Oh, and when I saw the movie trailers of Twilight, I am so into reading the novel! Oh well, I confess that when I saw Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, the vampire from the novel (who also played Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) that got me decided that I will watch the movie and read the novel! 😀

And now I give you my opinion about the 4 novels that I have read via ebook only and I can tell you right now that you can never make me read a novel this long using only an ebook and reading it in front of the pc for long hours which is so uncomfortable if it’s not really worth the time!

Book One: TWILIGHT – I’ve read from Stephenie Meyer’s website about how she got the idea of a vampire-human love story, got it from one of her dreams, yes, literally! She dreamt of a dark night with a faint character of a human woman and a handsome vampire confessing their love for each other. Who would have thought that this dream of hers will bring her a lot of fortune afterward! And indeed, I agree with everyone who have read this novel, it is indeed the most romantic love story I have ever read in my whole life (or existence 😉 ), the way the author described the characters, their emotions, their conversations, the development of the love affair and the twists and turns of the story were just so great! This novel were told from Bella Swan’s perspective though and so it is a female’s view of what happened. There is another novel that I hope will be out soon when the author feels like finishing it, Midnight Sun, which is written from Edward Cullen’s perspective. I have read it’s partial draft (a PDF file that can be downloaded from the website) and I must say that it is more interesting to see, hear and feel Edward’s side of the story of the Twilight. While I’m reading Midnight Sun I also opened the Twilight to compare and relate each side of their story, like their First Sight of each other, what really is happening to Edward when she first got a sniff of Bella’s blood, etc. I’ve also read some of the outtakes from Twilight (outtake – part of the novel that was removed by the editors) where you will know Alice’s character more and some details about the Prom night.

Book Two: NEW MOON – Okay, to be honest, I got so depressed by this novel to a point that I wanted it finished as soon as possible to make me get over it quickly! I didn’t even go online to chat with my friends for two days until I’ve really finished the novel and get to the part where Bella and Edward are reunited in the end. I hate the part where Edward left Bella without anything to hold on to, well of course I have been there and I didn’t want that feeling back that’s why I hated that part. I can’t really say that I like the part about her “friendship” with Jacob Black (who turned out to be a ‘werewolf’, the only enemy of the vampires) but then I realized that it is necessary to the story and it really helped Bella to become human again and not be a zombie anymore! The only part of the novel that got me excited was when Bella and Alice were on their way to Italy to rescue Edward from his suicide attempt because of a BIG misunderstanding. Alice saw in her “vision” that Bella jump off a cliff but didn’t see Jacob rescuing her so she thought that Bella died. Then Rosalie told Edward that Bella is dead and then Edward called Charlie pretending to be Carlisle to ask about Bella but Jacob was the one who answered the phone since he stopped Bella from answering it and told “Carlisle” that Charlie is in a funeral which is true but it’s a funeral of his friend who died but then Edward thought that it was Bella’s funeral so he went to the Volturi in Italy to provoke them into killing him! Of course, Bella was just in the nick of time to rescue Edward from his stupidity and so the story ended with a dilemma of choosing between her special friendship with Jacob or her undying love for Edward. And the problem with the Volturi checking on her if she has become a vampire or maybe dead and the pursuit of Victoria to kill Bella. And of course, the marriage proposal of Edward which Bella accepted, actually it’s a compromise to make her a vampire by Edward after the wedding. A nice way to end a novel, huh? 😀

Book Three: ECLIPSE – This is where the legends about the Quileute tribe were elaborated and the real story behind the change of their human form into that of a ‘wolf’ and of course how they got to be the ‘worthy’ enemies of the vampires. Here in this novel where the love triangle dilemma between Edward, Bella and Jacob have been highlighted especially in that scene where they go camping in the snowy mountains where Jacob is the only one suited to ‘warm up’ Bella and Edward couldn’t do anything about it, the Cullen family with an alliance with the ‘werewolves’ to fight against Victoria’s coven of newborn vampires and the elaborate fight scene between Edward and Victoria and also between Seth (a new ‘werewolf’) and Riley (Victoria’s ‘partner’). And also here is where Bella told Edward that she wanted him to ‘make love’ with her in her human state before turning her into a vampire, the last human experinece as she calls it! Bella’s engagement ring was also introduced here, mind you that they really made a ring exactly as the author described it in the novel and now being sold in Twilight Teez ranging from $59-$2,199. Oh and also Bella’s bracelet with a carved wolf and a crystal heart (turned out to be a diamond) charms attached to it. And this I really hate, in the eleventh hour of the novel, the part where Bella kissed Jacob and realized that she’s ‘in love’ with Jacob! I mean what’s up with that? How can you be ‘in love’ with someone else while you are so deeply and madly in love with someone? For me, that never really happened! You have to be falling out of love with someone before you realize that you are ‘in love’ with another person. Oh well, the author needed something to keep the spice of the story so I forgive that! And so this novel ended with a preparation to Bella and Edward’s wedding.

Book Four: BREAKING DAWN – A new car for Bella, a Mercedes Guardian, her “before” car and a Ferrari F430 for her “after” car. Very nice! So this is where you will witness their wedding, their honeymoon (yes, a real honeymoon while Bella’s still a human) and her “fast forward” pregnancy! Yes, she and Edward had an immortal half-human half-vampire child, Renesmee Carlie aka Nessie, who grew up so fast inside her mom’s belly and grew a lot faster when she was born! Imagine that in no more than 3 years after her birth she will be an adult already! And this child became the reason for the Volturi to visit and punish the Cullen Family for the “news” of creating an immortal child which is very much a taboo. Also, after giving birth to her daughter, Bella almost died until she was changed to become a vampire because of Edward’s ingenuity of injecting his “vampire venom” directly into Bella’s weak beating heart. But Bella isn’t really an average newborn vampire here who doesn’t know how to control herself, she was very remarkable indeed and even Jasper couldn’t believe it! The cover of the novel where you can see two chess pieces, a Queen and a Pawn in the background, showed the big difference of the old Bella and the new Bella. Here is where you will know what “super power” Bella has and how she used it against the Volturi, of course with the help of some of their vampire friends who were preaparing for a battle against the Volturi army. And I was surprised by the turn of events where Jacob imprinted on Renesmee so he’s now a member of Bella’s family (which makes her Jacob’s mother-in-law…)! First, a vampire and a human, and now a half-human half-vampire and a ‘werewolf’ (which later on called the ‘shape-shifter’ and not actually a werewolf)! What an odd pair! Anyways, I love the ending of this saga, though I wished that it had a blood bath but of course it’s not really that necessary to the story, but I really want to know how all of those vampires and ‘shape-shifters’ will fight the Volturi army with Bella as their SHIELD! Oh well, still we have a very happy ending indeed! An eternity of love and making love between Bella and Edward! 😀

Before I end this blog, I want to share with you the composition made by Edward for Bella, titled “Bella’s Lullaby”…Enjoy!

Bella’s Lullaby – Twilight OST