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PACQUIAO vs DELA HOYA: Dream Match or a MisMatch?

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I still can’t believe my eyes with what I saw yesterday, December 7th – Sunday afternoon here in the Philippines, in this so-called dream match between our very own “Pambansang Kamao” Manny ‘Pacman’ PACQUIAO and “The Golden Boy” Oscar DELA HOYA! I must admit that I had my doubts in Pacquiao winning this boxing match. Please don’t get me wrong, my fellow Filipinos, but I was just being realistic when I saw the “advantages” of Dela Hoya in this fight. But this time, I was proven wrong and yet again Pacquiao deliberately erased that cliche – SIZE does MATTER and became the victorious David in this David-and-Goliath type of match. He won fair and square, and I think this match has ended with both of their dignities still intact.

For me, this is the BEST EVER fight of Manny Pacquiao, and we all owe it to his boxing coach Freddie Roach! Yeah! Without his superior knowledge of this sport and specifically of Oscar Dela Hoya (since he was his boxing coach before) I don’t think that Manny will even reach this level of his boxing career! Freddie Roach is the most important key to Manny’s victorious fights, without him even the biggest sacrifices in Manny’s part will never give him victory. I salute Freddie Roach, both hands down and two thumbs up for this great boxing coach. Like he said, this fight is personal and not a game after all.

Manny Pacquiao as “the little Jack-in-the-box”, that is the metaphor used by one of the English Commentatorsย  from the HBO Pay Per View, I laughed so hard about it. I call him the “Ninja” of boxing! That is because of his too quick-for-the-eyes movement (or at least to his opponents), his offense and defense,ย  were flawless this time! Dela Hoya became just an old “punching bag” slightly moving right there! I have watched the GMA7’s feature last Saturday night before the fight, HBO’s 24/7 – a documentary feature about Manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya in their intense preparation for the fight and there the camp of Dela Hoya have said that – “there will be a knock-out” in the fight. And so, look who’s talking now!

The fight ended after the 8th Round, where Dela Hoya already suffered a very swollen left side of his face. His team stopped the fight before the start of the 9th round. The wheels have turned upside down when the underdog, Manny, have became the master! My tears rolled down after the fight, really…this is the best fight ever! ๐Ÿ˜€

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