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ERASERHEADS Reunion Concert: The FINAL Set

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Is this really happening?! It is?! Yes, it definitely is!!! *shouting at the top of my lungs* 😀

I was out all day today and when I got home I went online and of course my first stop is the forum and that’s where I saw it! A post by Astroboy on the “Anything and Everything Eraserheads” thread. The Final set of the Eraserheads reunion concert that was cut short at that time will finally happen on March 7,2009!!! Read all about it in this article from

There are some “news” about it happening this year that’s why we are saving for it, both me and my hubby are BIG fans of this band since they play quite an important role in our High School life. Now, we are hoping that it will happen in the Mall of Asia Open Grounds since it’s just a few rides away from our place.

I will post here more updates and infos about this another AWESOME event this 2009!!! So watch out for it. 😉

UPDATE: 01-21-09

Ticket prices on Ticketnet:
SM Mall of Asia Grounds / March 7, 2009 – 8:00PM
Ticket Prices: 5,000 (VIP) / 3,000 (Gold) / 1,300 (Silver) / 300 (Bronze)

We need to buy tickets now! We’ll see you there!!! 😀

UPDATE: 2/2/2009

We finally got our tickets!!! WoooHooo!!!

eheads-ticketsNow for some reminders of what NOT to bring at the concert (which we did not have any idea when we first went to an open field concert and we have to dispose of our belts and perfumes and ballpens, etc.), here are the list from the Ticketnet Reservation Link:

For the safety of your children, they will only be allowed entry
at the venue if they are:

  • 4 feet and above
  • Accompanied by paying adult

Prohibited Entry

  • Children below 4 feet in height
  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals under the influence of drugs or liquor
  • Persons with severe heart or medical condition

Prohibited items inside the venue

  • Professional audio or video recording devices
  • Professional Cameras
  • Weapons
  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Food
  • Large metal belt buckles
  • Big posters/placards/signages
  • Fireworks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Spiked Bracelets
  • Wallet chains
  • Back packs
  • Waist packs
  • Laser Pens
  • Large chains
  • Long & pointed umbrella


UPDATE: 2/5/2009

Astroboy posted this link in our forum, it is a Multiply photo album of what has been happening inside the rehearsal of the Eraserheads band for the upcoming concert! Cool pictures, seeing them together like that, discussing things, laughing, eating, smiling at each other! Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for the concert to come! Why is March 7 so far away?! hehehe… 😀

*Title Image courtesy of ELIAD, from his BLOG. 😉

UPDATE: 2/18/2009

Here is the website of the Eraserheads Countdown to the Final Set! Check it out!


Filipino Version of Twilight, a hoax! Or not?!

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Just to say this now before I get myself into trouble, I am not fond of any Filipino showbiz personalities, I do not care about their career, their life and most of all – their love life! So when I have decided to make this blog I just want to clarify that this is my own opinion, we are all entitled of it, so please bear with me. 😉

I first got hold of this information that allegedly ABS-CBN (a local Filipino TV Station) is planning to make a Filipino version of Twilight and make it a TV series here in the Philippines from my Multiply account where I am a member of the Twilight Saga Group. I remembered a friend of mine, Pammie, mentioned this before that maybe it will be adapted here and someone will make a Filipino version of Twilight! So my first reaction was “What the hell?!!!”. As many of you know, I am a fan of the Twilight Saga and I am not impressed by this news. I have nothing against the Filipino talents or movies but for me, really, please make something ORIGINAL for goodness’ sake and not copy or “Tagalize” (English turned into Tagalog – Filipino dialect) any English films or novels! Don’t we have any sense of originality?! And to hell with the title “Takipsilim“! I hate it! grrrr…

And so we were on a bus on our way home last Saturday (January 3) and there was a program on TV (Entertainment Live in ABS-CBN) which I am somehow forced to watch since we are sitting in the second row (and my earphones aren’t enough to block the noise!) and there I saw this news feature about this alleged movie adaptation. Thank heavens that it is just a HOAX! At least for now! I mean, how can we really tell that this news is not true? When there is smoke, definitely there is a fire…and that fire is just minimized by this claim that it is not true. If I may say so myself I would have filed a libel suit against those people who made such “announcements” about this alleged project! But no, ABS-CBN didn’t even bother making such a move…why? Because any kind of publicity is still good publicity! It caused a riot among the loyal fans and followers of Twilight and it somehow made everyone curious as to what this TV series will be like, in return they will watch it and it will rake in ratings for this TV station! There I said it! Oh my gosh, what is happening to this world!

Anyways, I am still glad and relieved that this “news” of “Takipsilim” is just a hoax… and I hope that it will STAY that way! Period! Rather, exclamation points!!! 😀

My First Day of 2009

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I didn’t make any new year’s resolution this year because last year the ones I’ve listed didn’t pursue. I’m really bad in keeping up a schedule, I’m a chaotic person and I want things to be done my way. Yes, I am stubborn. Deal with it. 😛

Very well then, for this first entry I just want to write about what I did today. I know it’s kinda boring but bear with me…hehehe… Well, after we celebrated the new year I had my one last chat with my friends using the YM conference. Last conference with them since I will not be online in the YM everyday, anymore. I had issues and I’m not gonna tell. TMI. Then I slept almost half of the day, woke up to cook lunch, ate, then went back to sleep for hours, woke up to watch tv, flipping channels until I saw a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy in Studio 23. I’m not a really big fan of this program though I’ve watched it before, but my friends are quite fond of it so I tend to watch some episodes of it whenever I can that’s why I am not very familiar with the story line and the characters. This is the only time that I get most of it. 😀

And this evening, I am spending my time playing some games in my Facebook account! Just want to drown myself into playing, if that’s possible…hahaha…