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My First Day of 2009

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I didn’t make any new year’s resolution this year because last year the ones I’ve listed didn’t pursue. I’m really bad in keeping up a schedule, I’m a chaotic person and I want things to be done my way. Yes, I am stubborn. Deal with it. 😛

Very well then, for this first entry I just want to write about what I did today. I know it’s kinda boring but bear with me…hehehe… Well, after we celebrated the new year I had my one last chat with my friends using the YM conference. Last conference with them since I will not be online in the YM everyday, anymore. I had issues and I’m not gonna tell. TMI. Then I slept almost half of the day, woke up to cook lunch, ate, then went back to sleep for hours, woke up to watch tv, flipping channels until I saw a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy in Studio 23. I’m not a really big fan of this program though I’ve watched it before, but my friends are quite fond of it so I tend to watch some episodes of it whenever I can that’s why I am not very familiar with the story line and the characters. This is the only time that I get most of it. 😀

And this evening, I am spending my time playing some games in my Facebook account! Just want to drown myself into playing, if that’s possible…hahaha…


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