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Filipino Version of Twilight, a hoax! Or not?!

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Just to say this now before I get myself into trouble, I am not fond of any Filipino showbiz personalities, I do not care about their career, their life and most of all – their love life! So when I have decided to make this blog I just want to clarify that this is my own opinion, we are all entitled of it, so please bear with me. 😉

I first got hold of this information that allegedly ABS-CBN (a local Filipino TV Station) is planning to make a Filipino version of Twilight and make it a TV series here in the Philippines from my Multiply account where I am a member of the Twilight Saga Group. I remembered a friend of mine, Pammie, mentioned this before that maybe it will be adapted here and someone will make a Filipino version of Twilight! So my first reaction was “What the hell?!!!”. As many of you know, I am a fan of the Twilight Saga and I am not impressed by this news. I have nothing against the Filipino talents or movies but for me, really, please make something ORIGINAL for goodness’ sake and not copy or “Tagalize” (English turned into Tagalog – Filipino dialect) any English films or novels! Don’t we have any sense of originality?! And to hell with the title “Takipsilim“! I hate it! grrrr…

And so we were on a bus on our way home last Saturday (January 3) and there was a program on TV (Entertainment Live in ABS-CBN) which I am somehow forced to watch since we are sitting in the second row (and my earphones aren’t enough to block the noise!) and there I saw this news feature about this alleged movie adaptation. Thank heavens that it is just a HOAX! At least for now! I mean, how can we really tell that this news is not true? When there is smoke, definitely there is a fire…and that fire is just minimized by this claim that it is not true. If I may say so myself I would have filed a libel suit against those people who made such “announcements” about this alleged project! But no, ABS-CBN didn’t even bother making such a move…why? Because any kind of publicity is still good publicity! It caused a riot among the loyal fans and followers of Twilight and it somehow made everyone curious as to what this TV series will be like, in return they will watch it and it will rake in ratings for this TV station! There I said it! Oh my gosh, what is happening to this world!

Anyways, I am still glad and relieved that this “news” of “Takipsilim” is just a hoax… and I hope that it will STAY that way! Period! Rather, exclamation points!!! 😀


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