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Our Lovapalooza Experience 2009

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Valentine’s day…I’ve got it all planned out for us to join this year’s Lovapalooza. I asked my MIL to take care of the kids for that day. I forced my husband to sleep when he got home in the morning that day so that he will not get all sleepy all over again!

We almost joined it last 2007…almost because we were already there, already registered but we didn’t go in…why? I got irritated and just wanted to go home because my husband was sleeping all that time that we were inside the movie theater watching The Holiday, that was before the main “kissing” event of the night. I almost left him inside that theater! Don’t get me wrong, I have told him to sleep early that day but he didn’t and told me that he can last the night if we join the Lovapalooza event. Very disappointing…we were walking away from the area while there were still fireworks up in the sky… 😦

This time he listened, and mostly it went according to plan, though we had a slightly rough start that night we still managed to fully enjoy the experience! First, we had the wrong tickets, we only got the ordinary ones:

lovapalooza tickets

That’s why we didn’t get to meet-up with Pareng Liad and his sister, Eres, at the entrance during the event because they have VIP tickets! We circled around the area as Bamboo was performing to look for a better spot then we found the registration booth for couples where the lady assigned there exchanged our ordinary tickets to VIP ones, we just needed to kiss in front of them and of course we did for more than a second, the lady was stunned. Hahaha… 😀


When we entered the VIP area I am determined to at least reach the middle part so I started pushing my way in holding my husband’s hand tightly…We got a pretty good spot, near one of the cameraman’s post and we’re lucky that the couples near us were all wacky so the cameraman enjoyed taking videos of us waving to the camera! We even got a shot from one of the press people there, he showed us that he took a picture of me and my husband. I have to see that! Hmmm…will it be on print or the website? Oh please, I wanna know! 😉

As some of the couples there are moving out that was when we push our way into the crowd…until we reached almost near the stage! By the time Rico Blanco finished his last song we were already a few couples away from the front bar near the stage! And when the countdown for the kissing event began (with Spongecola singing this year’s theme song, Closer You And I), we got a pretty good place where we can be photographed by the press and be included in the videos! Yeah, even if we do not see those pictures or videos we just wanted that moment to be memorable and be archived in the Lovapalooza history! But I do hope that they will feature this event on MTV Phils. I wanna see! 😀

The Pupil band ended the event with some of their hit songs…Ely Buendia even made an invitation for the Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Final Set, same venue, on March 7th! Of course we will be there! After the event, we went to meet with Liad and Eres, we planned to have a drink to unwind but unfortunately all “gimik” areas are full of people! So we just ended the night with a little chat inside the Gonuts Donuts store while I’m eating, I got hungry!

For me, this is the best Valentine’s Day so far…I hope that this will not be the last and the next year’s celebration will be equally beautiful, romantic and satisfying. Can’t wait! 😀

For more pictures of this event, please visit my MULTIPLY account. 😉


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