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Went to Puregold Imus last Sunday, July 11th, to replenish our stocks at home…then I saw this big bag of mini marshmallows among the other big bags of flavored and shaped marshmallows and I thought that it would be best for hot chocolate drinks and that I will make a simple dessert with it!

And so I bought that big bag of marshmallows…and this is what I’ve made: My Marshmallow Overload! 😉

Then right before we left the isle of cookies and biscuits I glanced upon this new variety of Oreo cookies! I admit that the color purple in between that Oreo cookie at the packaging caught my attention, lo and behold…it is the Blueberry Ice Cream flavor! Didn’t think twice of buying it and I tell you, it is DELICIOUS! It has this tingling sensation inside your mouth, just like eating ice cream! 😀


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