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Monthly Archives: May 2011

‘Mr. Big: Live In Manila 2011’ Experience

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When I’ve heard that Mr. Big is going back to Manila for another concert I secretly wished that I can watch them perform live but with the budget restrictions I can’t buy my own ticket to watch them. Then hope shined upon me when I saw Hazel of Playtime RX93.1’s tweet that they will be giving out tickets for the Mr. Big concert! So I tuned in and waited…and waited…and waited…

At the last hour, they announced the instructions for joining the contests (for Justin Bieber and Mr. Big concerts), lucky me, they’ve changed the instruction for the Mr. Big contest from calling the station to sending a text message to RX.  Then came the announcement of winners…I’m one of them winners!!! Wooohooo! \m/

I asked for confirmation about how many pieces of Mr. Big tickets that I’ve won, and they tweeted that it’s 4pcs of concert tickets! I didn’t know yet what kind of seats I got until my friend, Edzcel, got the tickets on my behalf from RX. It was Upper Box A tickets! Lucky! 😀

So I asked 3 of my closest friends (Wedding Wizards) to join me last night in watching the concert. Even though we are familiar with only 3 of Mr. Big’s hits (yes, we are not ashamed of it) we still enjoyed watching them rock the night away. Such great performers! They’ve even joked about comparing the audience of Bieber’s concert to theirs saying that the ones watching Bieber’s concert are the kids of those who are watching their concert. LOL

Here are some photos and video clips I’ve taken using my phone’s camera so please bear with me. 😉