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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Remembering and Honoring Mr. Francis M.

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♫♪…every color and every hue is represented by me and you…take a slide in the slope, take a look in the kaleidoscope…♫♪

Those lines from his song Kaleidoscope World will never cease to make that emotional impact to me and to every Filipino, who had known Francis”Kiko” Magalona all of their lives. Today, we are remembering this one person who made us all proud to be called a Filipino; he who made us still held on to that HOPE that our country, and our race will rise up despite all the corruption and crab mentality of our so-called leaders. (Honestly, I am shedding my tears as I am writing this… Yes, I do have a heart… lol)

For most of us who have been aware of what has been happening to our country, our government and our leaders, couldn’t help but diss and cuss about being a Filipino. Patriotism has been long gone from our vocabulary. We even have this slogan that says, “Onli In Da Pilipins” where in, we “promote” the stupidity and incapability of the Filipinos. Most of our Kababayans who are working abroad as OFWs do not have faith anymore and will not even go back to work here in our country because they know that working here will only result to that “isang kahig, isang tuka” kind of living. Sad but true. Hurtful but true. For me, Francis Magalona gave us something to look forward to. He made us think and realize that we can do something.

Today on Eat Bulaga, the Magalona Family announced that they have created the Francis Magalona Foundation. Let’s get involved, check out the website. Whining and talking sh*t about our country and fellow Filipinos will get us nowhere (Yes, I am guilty of doing this, too). Now is the time to move, participate, contribute, learn and do what we can to get that CHANGE that we have all dreamed and hoped about. ☼