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My Take On The Truth About Love

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For children, love is a feeling; for adults, love is a decision. ~Orson Scott Card

Love. We all know how powerful it is. It can make a physically strong person weak at the knees; make an intelligent person act like a fool; make a non-believer into a believer, and make the cautious fall into this greatest con in all the history of mankind.

“My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she call “love”…” (from Some Nights by Fun.)

When we were just a child, we believe in everything that our elders and parents tell us. They say that love is a feeling and it comes from the heart. And when you feel it, you say it, “I love you, mommy…I love you, daddy…I love you, puppy…I love you, teddy bear.”

As we grow older, our views about love become unstable and blurry; especially when you have experienced some unrequited love, rejections and ‘heartbreaks.’ Quick question, why do they call it a ‘heartbreak’ when truth is your heart is still intact inside of you protected by your strong ribcage? Indulge me with your answers. I’m sure most of you will state the pain that it causes inside your chest, where your fist-sized heart is located. It’s like ripping your heart into pieces. Yeah, I’ve had my share of ‘heartbreaks’, too.

Now, as an adult, we somehow have learned from our experiences (or so we think that we did.) We use our ‘brains’ now before we ‘fall in love.’ We think. We analyze; sometimes over-analyze. And we weigh every aspect, every little detail, every pros vs. cons and we shall not give in until we have found enough evidence that this so-called love will work this time. Like I’ve said earlier, love can make a fool out of an intelligent and seasoned person. Most powerful thing in the world, right?

But for me, when you are happy with that person that you think you are ‘in love’ with then just let go and fall. Just be sure that he/she is there to catch you. (Still using our brains, aren’t we? LOL)

So, what is the truth about love? You decide.

P. S. Sharing you this lyric video of P!nk’s The Truth About Love:


Life. Oh, Life.

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Life is not fair. Life is a gamble. Life is this. Life is that. But for me, life is not what you have always planned it to be.  Let’s face it, nothing is definite in this word but change. Change for the better. Or change for the worse.

What to do with life that is so unpredictable? Be flexible. Learn. Accept. Move on.

Be flexible. Adapt. That is how plants and animals survive the wild. Aside from their natural instincts on how to defend themselves from the threat of their surroundings, they know how to adapt. Don’t be a hard-headed jerk who wouldn’t want to listen to suggestions, corrections and negative comments. Remember, you are just the same as all of us, not perfect. You should know when to live your life in ‘maybe’ and in ‘trial and error.’

Learn. Every mistake is a lesson learned; charged to experience and should be remembered before making a decision. Everything that we know now has been passed around through generations of people by the people who have learned from every mistake that they have made. Don’t let those hard-earned lessons go to waste.

Accept. Admit to yourself that you are vulnerable, that you are afraid of something, that you are willing to do everything just to survive. They say that courage is not the absence of fear, but doing that thing that you are afraid of anyway despite the fear. Acceptance is the key to your happiness. Never rely your happiness and satisfaction in your life to other people. Start within yourself. If you cannot accept what and who you are, who would?

Move on. Failed? Rejected? Broken-hearted? Then cry your heart out, rant, be angry, shout. Then wipe your tears, lick your wounds, compose yourself and move on. Life is too short to be lived in negativity and hatred. Never allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Hold your head up high and tell yourself, I am important. I am strong. I am bullet proof. (Not literally bullet proof, just to be clear.)

Now, go and live your life. 😉