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Monthly Archives: March 2013

My Feel-Good “Haba-ng-hair” Moments

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~ when a new acquaintance is surprised to know my age and tells me that I look 5-10 years younger (thanks to my father’s ‘baby face’ genes)

~ when I see that astounded look on people’s faces once they learn that I already have two teenagers (according to some friends, I’m a bombshell. great friends I have, eh? LOL)

~ when my children’s schoolmates and teachers (and some sales clerks from department stores) cannot believe that I am their mother (they would always assume that I am their older sister)

~ when a guy friend whom I have never seen for a very long time said that my hubby is lucky to have me as his wife (let me include that some of my old flames said it, too)

~ when someone says that I am blooming (*singing I feel pretty…oh so pretty…*)

Enough narcissism. Going back to the regular programming in 3…2…1.


New Venture

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Dear readers and followers of this Wordpress Blogsite of mine,

In the following days, I will be posting my original short stories/plays which I have written over the years. I will be writing some of them in Tagalog/Filipino, but I will try to include their English versions for the sake of my non-Filipino readers and followers.

Kindly bear with  me in this new venture. 🙂