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Brave by Sara Bareilles

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An awesome single from her 2013 album, The Blessed Unrest.

One of my “good vibes” songs. There’s something seriously wrong with you if you do not feel like dancing to this song. πŸ˜›


The Tanduay “First 5” 2012

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As I was checking the most recently viewed blog posts of mine, one of the top 3 is the last year’s post about the Tanduay First Five. So, for the benefit of those who are looking for this year’s Tanduay First Five concert venues, here they are featuring the Rock Royalties of the Philippines!

Tanduay First Five Concert Tour Schedule:
March 30 – Legaspi
March 31 – Naga
April 14 – Boracay
April 20 – Dumaguete
April 27 – Bataan
April 28 – Baliwag, Bulacan
May 4 – Calbayog
May 5 – Tacloban
May 11 – Lucena
May 18 – Kalibo
May 19 – Iloilo
May 25 – Santiago
June 1 – Vigan
June 2 – La Union
June 8 – Baguio
July 13 – CDO
August 17 – Digos
August 18 – Gensan
September 7 – Surigao
September 8 – Butuan
November 9 – Pagadian
December 1 – Bacolod

This blog post will be updated if there are more venues added in the future. πŸ™‚

I haven’t seen this TV commercial yet but I am sharing this ASTIG video of the Tanduay First Five 2012 TV commercial.

Concerts. More fun in the Philippines. Rock on! \m/

(photo and video courtesy of Philippine Concerts)

UPDATE (as of September):

For the month of October:

October 12 – Cebu
October 19 – Davao
October 26 – SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds

Source: Philippine Concerts

Remembering and Honoring Mr. Francis M.

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β™«β™ͺ…every color and every hue is represented by me and you…take a slide in the slope, take a look in the kaleidoscope…β™«β™ͺ

Those lines from his song Kaleidoscope World will never cease to make that emotional impact to me and to every Filipino, who had known Francis”Kiko” Magalona all of their lives. Today, we are remembering this one person who made us all proud to be called a Filipino; he who made us still held on to that HOPE that our country, and our race will rise up despite all the corruption and crab mentality of our so-called leaders. (Honestly, I am shedding my tears as I am writing this… Yes, I do have a heart… lol)

For most of us who have been aware of what has been happening to our country, our government and our leaders, couldn’t help but diss and cuss about being a Filipino. Patriotism has been long gone from our vocabulary. We even have this slogan that says, “Onli In Da Pilipins” where in, we “promote” the stupidity and incapability of the Filipinos. Most of our Kababayans who are working abroad as OFWs do not have faith anymore and will not even go back to work here in our country because they know that working here will only result to that “isang kahig, isang tuka” kind of living. Sad but true. Hurtful but true. For me, Francis Magalona gave us something to look forward to. He made us think and realize that we can do something.

Today on Eat Bulaga, the Magalona Family announced that they have created the Francis Magalona Foundation. Let’s get involved, check out the website. Whining and talking sh*t about our country and fellow Filipinos will get us nowhere (Yes, I am guilty of doing this, too). Now is the time to move, participate, contribute, learn and do what we can to get that CHANGE that we have all dreamed and hoped about. ☼

‘Mr. Big: Live In Manila 2011’ Experience

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When I’ve heard that Mr. Big is going back to Manila for another concert I secretly wished that I can watch them perform live but with the budget restrictions I can’t buy my own ticket to watch them. Then hope shined upon me when I saw Hazel of Playtime RX93.1’s tweet that they will be giving out tickets for the Mr. Big concert! So I tuned in and waited…and waited…and waited…

At the last hour, they announced the instructions for joining the contests (for Justin Bieber and Mr. Big concerts), lucky me, they’ve changed the instruction for the Mr. Big contest from calling the station to sending a text message to RX.Β  Then came the announcement of winners…I’m one of them winners!!! Wooohooo! \m/

I asked for confirmation about how many pieces of Mr. Big tickets that I’ve won, and they tweeted that it’s 4pcs of concert tickets! I didn’t know yet what kind of seats I got until my friend, Edzcel, got the tickets on my behalf from RX. It was Upper Box A tickets! Lucky! πŸ˜€

So I asked 3 of my closest friends (Wedding Wizards) to join me last night in watching the concert. Even though we are familiar with only 3 of Mr. Big’s hits (yes, we are not ashamed of it) we still enjoyed watching them rock the night away. Such great performers! They’ve even joked about comparing the audience of Bieber’s concert to theirs saying that the ones watching Bieber’s concert are the kids of those who are watching their concert. LOL

Here are some photos and video clips I’ve taken using my phone’s camera so please bear with me. πŸ˜‰

Tanduay “First 5” 2011 Concert Tour Schedule

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I have been wondering lately why the blog hits on my last year’s post about the Tanduay “First 5” isΒ continuously risingΒ everyday until my husband called my attention earlier to let me see the new kick ass TV commercial of this year’s Tanduay “First 5”! (all I can say to myself was, “oh…so that’s why…”) I better make a blog post now for the sake of those people who are constantly being directed to this blogsite! πŸ˜›

Unfortunately, last year we did not get the chance to attend any of the tours even the one that’s nearest from our place…But this time I will definitely make myself attend at least one because this year they have a scheduled tour in Manila! Wooot wooot! It’s gonna be at the SM Mall of Asia on the 14th of October! (source here) πŸ˜‰

So here it is, the Tanduay “First 5” 2011 Concert Tour Schedule!

Tanduay Rhum First Five Concert Series 2011 featuringΒ ChicoSci, Kamikazee, Wolfgang, Sandwich andΒ Parokya ni Edgar.

Concert Schedule:

March 25 – Palawan
April 1 – Marinduque
April 8 – Masbate
May 6 – Nueva Vizcaya
May 7 – Tuguegarao
May 20 – Bulan
May 21 – Legaspi
June 24 – Panabo Davao
June 25 – Davao
July 8 – Olongapo
July 9 – Angeles Pampanga
July 15 – Cebu
July 16 – Bohol
July 22 – Ormoc
July 23 – Tacloban
July 29 – Marbel
July 30 – General Santos
Aug 19 – Dumaguete
Aug 20 – Bacolod
Sept 2 – Dipolog
Sept 9 – Daet
Sept 10 – Naga
Sept 23 – Butuan
Sept 24 – Nabunturan
Sept 30 – Dagupan
Oct 1 – Baguio
Oct 21 – Malayabalay Bukidnon
OCt 22 – Cagayan de Oro
Dec 2 – Roxas
Dec 3 – Iloilo

Image and schedule in text format courtesy of

See you there! Let’s rock! Β \m/

The Big Reveal On The Morning Rush With Chico And Delamar!

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Yesterday, my Twitter timeline was flooded by tweet guesses as to what is this big news that Delle was talking about on her Facebook account. This Facebook status came out after we’ve all read an article about the Top 10 Prettiest Female DJs. And then she retweeted a lot of these guesses about the big news, some of them about Chico and Delle joining reality TV shows, TV guestings, having their own TV programs, releasing a new album, wedding proposals, getting married, getting pregnant, etc. And this anticipation of knowing intensified more when Chico gave 5 clues about this “big reveal.”

And if until now you do not know all about it yet, where the F have you been hiding?! This big reveal even reached other local radio stations and news websites. Okay, fine, read this article from GMA News.

So there you have it…Delle is pregnant, 9 weeks on the way…Okay, I’ll give you more time to get over it, scream your lungs out, cry, cuss, get bitter or whatever, because we definitely needed more time to recover. LOL Now I know what’s the next question that’s gonna linger inside your mind, “Who’s the lucky guy?” If you say it’s Chico, then Delle would answer you, “That is so 90s!” But if you really are a fan and a follower of this duo, then I’m pretty sure you already have an idea who he is…A lucky guy from the long list of sperm donors! JOKE! (patay ako kay Delle nito…)

Oh, Delle, you have broken too many hearts today, hearts of thousands (or even millions) of men who are fantasizing about you every single day! LOL So there should be a list of Top 10 Sexy Mommas, and you’re definitely one of ’em, you sexy Delamama, you!

Of course, we are all happy and supportive of this big reveal…Congratulatory remarks aren’t really enough to express our joy for this upcoming bundle of joy! And with this big news, I’m sure a lot of Rushers will now join the mini-EB this last Saturday of March! LOL I think this upcoming 15th TMR Anniversary Grand EB/Tea Party on July will also become Delle’s Baby Shower! Bongga, di ba? Wooohooo! See you all there! πŸ˜‰

Look at her latest profile picture, she’s blooming! We love you, Delle! πŸ™‚

Hear all about the BIG REVEAL here: cdtop10

Tanduay “First 5” 2010 Concert Tour Schedule

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Got very much excited when I saw this Tanduay TV ad a couple of weeks ago but since then I can’t get a clear look at their tour schedule, it was only flashed for a second, a split second actually. LOL

And because I am very much interested to be a part of this, since they will be featuring 5 bands from the most popular ones in the Philippines: Bamboo, Sandwich, Kamikazee, Chicosci, and 6cycle Mind, I’ve searched the net to find this ever elusive concert tour schedule. Yes, I found them! Thanks to Blogags andPetiks Mode!

So without further ado, here are the schedule of the Tanduay First Five Concert! For more info, check out the site!

April 10 Boracay
May 14 Tagum
May 15 Davao
May 21 Iloilo
May 21 Bacolod
May 28 Lipa Batangas
May 29 Sta. Rosa
June 4 Naga
June 5 Legaspi
June 18 Ozamis
June 19 Dipolog
Aug 13 Tarlac
Aug 14 San Fernando, Pampanga
Sept 4 Palawan
Oct 1 San Fernando, La Union
Oct 2 Baguio
Nov 12 CDO
Nov 13 Butuan
Dec 3 Tacloban
Dec 4 Cebu

Too bad there’s no tour schedule within the Manila area…nearest to our place is Sta.Rosa, Laguna. Who wanna come with? Lemme know! πŸ˜€