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~ Merry Christmas! ~

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May you share your blessings to the people with less

Encourage every person to always give their best

Remember those times that made you laugh like a child

Regret not the mistakes you’ve made and just smile

You will feel better, lighter, and be merrier for a long while


Chase those blues away with a “fa, la, la, la, la…”

Hear the sounds of giggling and laughter from afar

Reconnect those bridges that was once forgotten

Increase the happiness a couple more hundreds

Savor the flavor of Christmas, eat anything you want

Thank every person who’ll give you gifts and whatnot

Make time to give something to someone you love

And utter a  thankful prayer to the Lord up above

Sincerely greet, “Happy Holidays!”, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” to all




This post is inspired by the Writing Prompt of LanguageIsAVirus: Write an Acrostic poem or story: in which the first letter of each word/sentence/paragraph forms a word or sentence.



Lacuna No More

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It’s been a year of hiatus on this blogsite but it didn’t mean emptiness. Not at all. It’s just an absence of enough time to spend on writing a blog, I only had time for 140 characters on Twitter and bits of a rant or rave statuses on Facebook.

I missed writing. Modesty aside, I have always believed that I was born to be a writer. It would seem that I have abandoned this belief but that is not the case. I have been busy with a bunch of different things other than writing: with arts and crafts (handmade projects), some upcycling seminars here and there, coordinating a churchmate’s wedding for this month, an administrative job with one of the most respectable wedding suppliers in the country, and assisting my dear mother-in-law in the family business. I should also include being an active member of our Highschool Alumni group in charge of some fund-raising projects and upcoming reunions plus being appointed as the new Secretary of our homeowners’ association. Yes, my plate is overflowing with tasks and activities, but I see them as opportunities to learn and upgrade myself. I don’t plan on growing old as a dull, close-minded woman.

Now, the real reason why I am writing again is because of this website called Language Is A Virus. It provides good writing exercises to help you knock off that writer’s block. Today I’ve got a writing prompt: “I care about…” And this is where I have decided to write about it.

I care about my children. I would like to think that I have been doing a great job raising them but in reality it is a daily struggle for me to decide whether I have to be a protective mother or not. Both of them are teenagers now. *sigh* I just took a cue from Dude Crush when he told Marlin, “…when they know, you know, y’know?”  At least I am confident my teenagers know that I am always here to guide them, whenever they need it.

I care about the environment. If you have seen my other blogsite with posts of my handmade creations I think you have already noticed that I am very fond of upcycling stuff. Climate change is not just a myth now and this is one of the reasons why I love sharing my self-acquired knowledge about upcycling, simply known as creative recycling, to other people particularly with the younger ones. I would like to believe that I can make a change by planting a seed of caring for the environment to other people by doing these upcycling seminars. A small drop of water can still cause a ripple in the ocean.

That’s all for now. Thank you for taking time to read this. See you again soon. 🙂


An End of an Era & a Start of Something Not-So-New

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Change. Change is good. Do not fear change. Change is inevitable. Go with it or deprive yourself from seeing something more beautiful, more awesome, more life.

The end of an era. After almost 3 years of being a “wizard” of the Wedding Wizards I have decided to hang my non-existent magic wand and wizard’s hat. I will not be enumerating here the reasons why I decided to do so but let’s just say that I have finally seen the bigger picture, a realization: the Wedding Wizards team isn’t for me anymore. I have seen changes (which I have chosen to ignore for a couple of years) and I am now moving on with the change. I have left the “old cheese” in pursuit of a “new cheese”. You should read “Who Moved My Cheese” for you to understand the metaphor. It was scary at first, I admit, but there’s no use in staying any longer in a place where you don’t belong in the same page anymore. I am doing this for me, for my own sanity and for my own happiness. I say enough. I say move on.

The start of something not-so-new. As I am still navigating this new maze that I am in I thought of going back to what I can really do best: honing my arts and crafts skills. Way before I joined the Wedding Wizards I have already been crafting and creating something from scratch with my own hands.  I always see things in a different way, in a better light, that’s why I can create a crafting project out of any kind of material. That is also the reason why I almost do not throw anything away. Yes, I am a pack rat. Give me the crafting tools I need, leave me alone with my crafting and I can make a masterpiece out of a garbage-bound material. Thanks to the 3 crafting and DIY influences in my life: my two grandmothers (both really great in sewing, and one of them in crocheting) and my own mother. I have also created some customized items and accessories for the past weddings of the Wedding Wizards.

Now, in line with this not-so-new venture, I have created separate blogsites for my arts and crafts projects. One in Blogspot and one in WordPress. They both have the same content (almost) so you can follow either one. Pardon the quality of photos posted there, I can only do minor adjustments with them. Either I need a new and better digital camera or I need better lighting and more knowledge in camera settings. 😀

Oh, I also have created a Facebook Page for my handmade creations. I hope you will “Like” it. 😉

My final words for this post are already clichés but they are clichés for a reason. Life is too short: Live it. Love it. Laugh with it. Learn to know when enough is enough. Move on as quickly as you can. Accept change. Challenge yourself. Pursue happiness.

Until then.


Brave by Sara Bareilles

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An awesome single from her 2013 album, The Blessed Unrest.

One of my “good vibes” songs. There’s something seriously wrong with you if you do not feel like dancing to this song. 😛

My Take On The Truth About Love

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For children, love is a feeling; for adults, love is a decision. ~Orson Scott Card

Love. We all know how powerful it is. It can make a physically strong person weak at the knees; make an intelligent person act like a fool; make a non-believer into a believer, and make the cautious fall into this greatest con in all the history of mankind.

“My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she call “love”…” (from Some Nights by Fun.)

When we were just a child, we believe in everything that our elders and parents tell us. They say that love is a feeling and it comes from the heart. And when you feel it, you say it, “I love you, mommy…I love you, daddy…I love you, puppy…I love you, teddy bear.”

As we grow older, our views about love become unstable and blurry; especially when you have experienced some unrequited love, rejections and ‘heartbreaks.’ Quick question, why do they call it a ‘heartbreak’ when truth is your heart is still intact inside of you protected by your strong ribcage? Indulge me with your answers. I’m sure most of you will state the pain that it causes inside your chest, where your fist-sized heart is located. It’s like ripping your heart into pieces. Yeah, I’ve had my share of ‘heartbreaks’, too.

Now, as an adult, we somehow have learned from our experiences (or so we think that we did.) We use our ‘brains’ now before we ‘fall in love.’ We think. We analyze; sometimes over-analyze. And we weigh every aspect, every little detail, every pros vs. cons and we shall not give in until we have found enough evidence that this so-called love will work this time. Like I’ve said earlier, love can make a fool out of an intelligent and seasoned person. Most powerful thing in the world, right?

But for me, when you are happy with that person that you think you are ‘in love’ with then just let go and fall. Just be sure that he/she is there to catch you. (Still using our brains, aren’t we? LOL)

So, what is the truth about love? You decide.

P. S. Sharing you this lyric video of P!nk’s The Truth About Love:

Life. Oh, Life.

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Life is not fair. Life is a gamble. Life is this. Life is that. But for me, life is not what you have always planned it to be.  Let’s face it, nothing is definite in this word but change. Change for the better. Or change for the worse.

What to do with life that is so unpredictable? Be flexible. Learn. Accept. Move on.

Be flexible. Adapt. That is how plants and animals survive the wild. Aside from their natural instincts on how to defend themselves from the threat of their surroundings, they know how to adapt. Don’t be a hard-headed jerk who wouldn’t want to listen to suggestions, corrections and negative comments. Remember, you are just the same as all of us, not perfect. You should know when to live your life in ‘maybe’ and in ‘trial and error.’

Learn. Every mistake is a lesson learned; charged to experience and should be remembered before making a decision. Everything that we know now has been passed around through generations of people by the people who have learned from every mistake that they have made. Don’t let those hard-earned lessons go to waste.

Accept. Admit to yourself that you are vulnerable, that you are afraid of something, that you are willing to do everything just to survive. They say that courage is not the absence of fear, but doing that thing that you are afraid of anyway despite the fear. Acceptance is the key to your happiness. Never rely your happiness and satisfaction in your life to other people. Start within yourself. If you cannot accept what and who you are, who would?

Move on. Failed? Rejected? Broken-hearted? Then cry your heart out, rant, be angry, shout. Then wipe your tears, lick your wounds, compose yourself and move on. Life is too short to be lived in negativity and hatred. Never allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Hold your head up high and tell yourself, I am important. I am strong. I am bullet proof. (Not literally bullet proof, just to be clear.)

Now, go and live your life. 😉

Remembering and Honoring Mr. Francis M.

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♫♪…every color and every hue is represented by me and you…take a slide in the slope, take a look in the kaleidoscope…♫♪

Those lines from his song Kaleidoscope World will never cease to make that emotional impact to me and to every Filipino, who had known Francis”Kiko” Magalona all of their lives. Today, we are remembering this one person who made us all proud to be called a Filipino; he who made us still held on to that HOPE that our country, and our race will rise up despite all the corruption and crab mentality of our so-called leaders. (Honestly, I am shedding my tears as I am writing this… Yes, I do have a heart… lol)

For most of us who have been aware of what has been happening to our country, our government and our leaders, couldn’t help but diss and cuss about being a Filipino. Patriotism has been long gone from our vocabulary. We even have this slogan that says, “Onli In Da Pilipins” where in, we “promote” the stupidity and incapability of the Filipinos. Most of our Kababayans who are working abroad as OFWs do not have faith anymore and will not even go back to work here in our country because they know that working here will only result to that “isang kahig, isang tuka” kind of living. Sad but true. Hurtful but true. For me, Francis Magalona gave us something to look forward to. He made us think and realize that we can do something.

Today on Eat Bulaga, the Magalona Family announced that they have created the Francis Magalona Foundation. Let’s get involved, check out the website. Whining and talking sh*t about our country and fellow Filipinos will get us nowhere (Yes, I am guilty of doing this, too). Now is the time to move, participate, contribute, learn and do what we can to get that CHANGE that we have all dreamed and hoped about. ☼