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Cinemalaya 2013: Synopses, Trailers, & Schedule

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Kalatas: Philippine Literature, Culture, and Ideas


UPDATED, July 25, 8:40 pm–The annual Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival and Competition, a key project of the Cinemalaya Foundation, Inc., is now all set with the much awaited screening schedule. This 10-day showcase of independent films is happening on July 26 to August 4, 2013 in CCP theaters, Trinoma, Greenbelt, and Alabang Town Center Cinemas. The festival features a total of 15 full-length films with 10 on the New Breed category and five on the Directors’ Showcase category, and 10 short films.



Discounts and festival passes are only for the screening at the CCP. Tickets are already available at the CCP Box Office.

Regular Ticket: P150.00
Student Discount: 50%
Senior Citizens, Government Personnel, Military: 20%

Festival Pass:

ONE DAY pass- P500.00
one day access to all films (competition and exhibition films) at CCP venues

FIC (Films-in Competition) Pass- P2,000.00

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A Better Education

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And so I have enrolled my two kids back to CVS. Even if this decision will almost drain our pockets I still chose this school because I have witnessed how my kids grew and mature. Last year was a trial run to see if this school will work for their growing needs, and so far it hasn’t failed me yet. Both of my kids are now active in sports, enthusiastic with their assignments and school projects, and they have gained more self-esteem. Truly, money well spent. 🙂


[Short Story] Why.

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Where am I? What are those sounds? More like a murmur…or a prayer? Wait… I think I’m hearing sobs. Someone is crying? But why?

Now I’m hearing voices. What are they talking about? Do I hear music? That’s nice. It makes me relax. My body is aching. I don’t know why.

My chest is pounding. Like my heart is jumping, jumping right out of my chest. It hurts. Could someone tell me why?

It’s a warm day today. Very warm. Unusual. More of boiling hot. This boiling heat is getting on my nerves. My body’s aching so much. I can’t do anything about it. I think I’m going to die. Tell me, mommy, why did you not want me?


vintage social networking

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My Feel-Good “Haba-ng-hair” Moments

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~ when a new acquaintance is surprised to know my age and tells me that I look 5-10 years younger (thanks to my father’s ‘baby face’ genes)

~ when I see that astounded look on people’s faces once they learn that I already have two teenagers (according to some friends, I’m a bombshell. great friends I have, eh? LOL)

~ when my children’s schoolmates and teachers (and some sales clerks from department stores) cannot believe that I am their mother (they would always assume that I am their older sister)

~ when a guy friend whom I have never seen for a very long time said that my hubby is lucky to have me as his wife (let me include that some of my old flames said it, too)

~ when someone says that I am blooming (*singing I feel pretty…oh so pretty…*)

Enough narcissism. Going back to the regular programming in 3…2…1.

New Venture

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Dear readers and followers of this Wordpress Blogsite of mine,

In the following days, I will be posting my original short stories/plays which I have written over the years. I will be writing some of them in Tagalog/Filipino, but I will try to include their English versions for the sake of my non-Filipino readers and followers.

Kindly bear with  me in this new venture. 🙂



My Take On The Truth About Love

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For children, love is a feeling; for adults, love is a decision. ~Orson Scott Card

Love. We all know how powerful it is. It can make a physically strong person weak at the knees; make an intelligent person act like a fool; make a non-believer into a believer, and make the cautious fall into this greatest con in all the history of mankind.

“My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she call “love”…” (from Some Nights by Fun.)

When we were just a child, we believe in everything that our elders and parents tell us. They say that love is a feeling and it comes from the heart. And when you feel it, you say it, “I love you, mommy…I love you, daddy…I love you, puppy…I love you, teddy bear.”

As we grow older, our views about love become unstable and blurry; especially when you have experienced some unrequited love, rejections and ‘heartbreaks.’ Quick question, why do they call it a ‘heartbreak’ when truth is your heart is still intact inside of you protected by your strong ribcage? Indulge me with your answers. I’m sure most of you will state the pain that it causes inside your chest, where your fist-sized heart is located. It’s like ripping your heart into pieces. Yeah, I’ve had my share of ‘heartbreaks’, too.

Now, as an adult, we somehow have learned from our experiences (or so we think that we did.) We use our ‘brains’ now before we ‘fall in love.’ We think. We analyze; sometimes over-analyze. And we weigh every aspect, every little detail, every pros vs. cons and we shall not give in until we have found enough evidence that this so-called love will work this time. Like I’ve said earlier, love can make a fool out of an intelligent and seasoned person. Most powerful thing in the world, right?

But for me, when you are happy with that person that you think you are ‘in love’ with then just let go and fall. Just be sure that he/she is there to catch you. (Still using our brains, aren’t we? LOL)

So, what is the truth about love? You decide.

P. S. Sharing you this lyric video of P!nk’s The Truth About Love: