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Life. Oh, Life.

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Life is not fair. Life is a gamble. Life is this. Life is that. But for me, life is not what you have always planned it to be.  Let’s face it, nothing is definite in this word but change. Change for the better. Or change for the worse.

What to do with life that is so unpredictable? Be flexible. Learn. Accept. Move on.

Be flexible. Adapt. That is how plants and animals survive the wild. Aside from their natural instincts on how to defend themselves from the threat of their surroundings, they know how to adapt. Don’t be a hard-headed jerk who wouldn’t want to listen to suggestions, corrections and negative comments. Remember, you are just the same as all of us, not perfect. You should know when to live your life in ‘maybe’ and in ‘trial and error.’

Learn. Every mistake is a lesson learned; charged to experience and should be remembered before making a decision. Everything that we know now has been passed around through generations of people by the people who have learned from every mistake that they have made. Don’t let those hard-earned lessons go to waste.

Accept. Admit to yourself that you are vulnerable, that you are afraid of something, that you are willing to do everything just to survive. They say that courage is not the absence of fear, but doing that thing that you are afraid of anyway despite the fear. Acceptance is the key to your happiness. Never rely your happiness and satisfaction in your life to other people. Start within yourself. If you cannot accept what and who you are, who would?

Move on. Failed? Rejected? Broken-hearted? Then cry your heart out, rant, be angry, shout. Then wipe your tears, lick your wounds, compose yourself and move on. Life is too short to be lived in negativity and hatred. Never allow anyone to make you feel inferior. Hold your head up high and tell yourself, I am important. I am strong. I am bullet proof. (Not literally bullet proof, just to be clear.)

Now, go and live your life. 😉


My blog is not dead, just napping

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Not writing any original post on my blog? Guilty. Blame it on procrastination, Facebook and Twitter, and to my recently acquired career in the wedding industry. Shameless plugging:

But this year, I will try to post at least one original writing of mine every month. Not promising, but will definitely try. 

And as requested by one friend of mine, I will also post some book reviews. Not the kind which some kick-ass-reader-pretending-to-know-everything type of reviews but my average-reader book reviews.

So… I guess I’ll be seeing you soon! 😉

Image*image of the cute napping cat from


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Joking aside, I promise to read the book Life of Pi and watch the movie adaptation, too. 🙂

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Pantone Colors 2013: Interior Design Inspiration in 2013’s Top Colors Trends

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Looking ahead to 2013′s color trends? Pantone’s color palette for 2013 will have us calming down with plenty of cool blues and greens both in our closets and in our homes.


From SheFinds: Move over, Tangerine Tango. You served us well this year, but it’s time for a new range of colors. Next season, we’ve got our collective eye on the other side of the color spectrum (or at least Pantone says so). The hues, Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Emerald and Grayed Jade, are aquatic and calming, and they conveniently look ahh-mazing alongside the camels, linens and eggshell whites of summer. Win-win! Get ready to see a LOT of this color.

Regina Yray‘s insight:

Beautiful colors for 2013.

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2012 Wedding Trends

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For the last quarter of 2012.

Amour et la Passion Events

This is to showcase the works and talents of some of our favorite wedding suppliers here in the Philippines; showing you their versions of the trends in the year 2012. (And forgive us for including some of our works, too.) 😀

Rustic Elegance:

Channel the Old West with a rustic-elegant spin.

*penny farthing bike from Vatel Manila; vintage mailbox from K. by Cunanan

*styling by K. by Cunanan

*styling by Regina Yray and Roland Salazar of Wedding Wizards Events Specialists; photos by Timothee Cheng

Sleeves and Laces:

Look for sheer backs and illusion sleeves.

*gowns by Cecilio Abad

*gowns by Veluz

Enchanting Flowers:

Think of soft and mesmerizing bouquets.

*bouquets by Vatel Manila

Watercolors, Damask & Vintage:

See them used on invitations and cake designs.

*sample invitation by WINK

*from one of our weddings; invitation by Printed Matter

*from one of our weddings; cake by Sweet Solutions

Bombshell Brides:

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Oh, look! It’s you! 😛

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Nursery Rhyme Headlines

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This answers the question, “what happened after?”

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Nursery Rhyme Headlines

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