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~ Merry Christmas! ~

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May you share your blessings to the people with less

Encourage every person to always give their best

Remember those times that made you laugh like a child

Regret not the mistakes you’ve made and just smile

You will feel better, lighter, and be merrier for a long while


Chase those blues away with a “fa, la, la, la, la…”

Hear the sounds of giggling and laughter from afar

Reconnect those bridges that was once forgotten

Increase the happiness a couple more hundreds

Savor the flavor of Christmas, eat anything you want

Thank every person who’ll give you gifts and whatnot

Make time to give something to someone you love

And utter a  thankful prayer to the Lord up above

Sincerely greet, “Happy Holidays!”, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” to all




This post is inspired by the Writing Prompt of LanguageIsAVirus: Write an Acrostic poem or story: in which the first letter of each word/sentence/paragraph forms a word or sentence.



The Christmas Wishlist

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christmas list

It’s Christmas once again, have you made your own wishlist? I have made mine and in this you will notice that all of it are household and kitchen items, not really things that I personally use but things that my family will benefit from, that is the difference of my wishlist from my husband’s. 😀

I searched the net for a website to help me look  for the items and appliances that I really need and how to choose which one to buy, from the perfect brand to the budget-friendly.  And viola! I found this amazing website, a guide for buying the perfect appliances for your home! Here in ShopWiki I found all that I am looking for, they give the consumers the right facts about any appliance that you need, the pros and cons, and the budget-friendly ones. Now I have the best idea of what I want to buy! 😉

First, since I am a big fan of cooking shows, I want a durable gas range where I can cook and bake the dishes from the bulk of recipes I have collected over the years. I found a huge list of different gas ranges and their differences from each other, the pros and cons of each kind and the perfect brand according to your budget. There is the KitchenAide Dual Fuel Range who had 5 stars in it’s review, lots of GE Profile Dual Ranges, but I got my eyes on the black one : GE Profile Dual Fuel Ranges P2B918DEMBB.

Second, as I hate laundry day because it makes me feel exhausted afterward, I want an automatic washing machine with this new technology revolutionized by Samsung, the Silver Nano Health System. It’s where they use silver ions to sanitize and remove bacteria from clothes. What an awesome technology! And I want the front loading washer type, it’s more efficient and Green friendly. It uses less water, energy and detergent, exactly what I need! 😉

Third, since my kids are both allergic to dust, pet dander and the smell of molds, I ordinary cleaners like my old handheld vacuum cleaner isn’t enough, I want the steam cleaner! Particularly the Smartek USA (ST-50) Handheld Steam Cleaner. I love that it’s also handy, lightweight, uses tap water for steam and removes creases and stains from wardrobes and bedsheets.

And last but not the least, as I am a DIY kind of mom, I have always wanted a cordless power drill for my household organizing projects. I need it to be durable and powerful since I will be doing a lot of work in building storage and display areas.

Oh well, these are some of the major items on my Christmas wishlist and I hope my Santa Claus will give these to me, yeah, I certainly wish! 😀