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Lacuna No More

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It’s been a year of hiatus on this blogsite but it didn’t mean emptiness. Not at all. It’s just an absence of enough time to spend on writing a blog, I only had time for 140 characters on Twitter and bits of a rant or rave statuses on Facebook.

I missed writing. Modesty aside, I have always believed that I was born to be a writer. It would seem that I have abandoned this belief but that is not the case. I have been busy with a bunch of different things other than writing: with arts and crafts (handmade projects), some upcycling seminars here and there, coordinating a churchmate’s wedding for this month, an administrative job with one of the most respectable wedding suppliers in the country, and assisting my dear mother-in-law in the family business. I should also include being an active member of our Highschool Alumni group in charge of some fund-raising projects and upcoming reunions plus being appointed as the new Secretary of our homeowners’ association. Yes, my plate is overflowing with tasks and activities, but I see them as opportunities to learn and upgrade myself. I don’t plan on growing old as a dull, close-minded woman.

Now, the real reason why I am writing again is because of this website called Language Is A Virus. It provides good writing exercises to help you knock off that writer’s block. Today I’ve got a writing prompt: “I care about…” And this is where I have decided to write about it.

I care about my children. I would like to think that I have been doing a great job raising them but in reality it is a daily struggle for me to decide whether I have to be a protective mother or not. Both of them are teenagers now. *sigh* I just took a cue from Dude Crush when he told Marlin, “…when they know, you know, y’know?”  At least I am confident my teenagers know that I am always here to guide them, whenever they need it.

I care about the environment. If you have seen my other blogsite with posts of my handmade creations I think you have already noticed that I am very fond of upcycling stuff. Climate change is not just a myth now and this is one of the reasons why I love sharing my self-acquired knowledge about upcycling, simply known as creative recycling, to other people particularly with the younger ones. I would like to believe that I can make a change by planting a seed of caring for the environment to other people by doing these upcycling seminars. A small drop of water can still cause a ripple in the ocean.

That’s all for now. Thank you for taking time to read this. See you again soon. 🙂



Why Men Can Only Do One Thing At A Time And Women Never Stop Talking (Part 2)

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To those who are intrigued on what is inside this great book, I’m posting here some of the excerpts of Chapter One. I just hope I’m not gonna be sued! It’s just that I want to share this to all who can’t buy a copy of the book! (hehehe…nagmamakaaawa na agad!) 😀

Oh well, you can search for this book in, I think they have a copy of this book, don’t know how much is the price, though! 😉


In the beginning….
Women gathered. Women nurtured.
Things were simple: he was the lunch-chase, she was the nest-defender. the woman’s role was clear. Being the child-bearer, her skills became specialized to meet that role. She needed to be able to monitor her surroundings for signs of danger, have excellent short-range navigational skills using landmarks to find her way, and have a highly-tuned ability to sense small changes in th behavior and appearance of children and adults.
Her success was measured by her ability to sustain family life. Her self-worth came from the man’s appreciation of her home-making and nurturing skills. She was never expected to hunt animals, fight enemies or change light bulbs.

Men hunted. Men protected.
Man’s job description was straightforward: he was a lunch-chaser, and that’s all anyone expected of him. He would venture out each day into a hostile and dangerous world to risk his life as a hunter to bring food back to his woman and their children and he would defend them against savage animals or enemies. He developed long-distance navigational skills so he could locate food and bring it home, and excellent marksmanship skills so that he could hit a moving target.
His success as a man was measured by his ability to make a kill ang bring it home, and his self-worth was measured by her appreciation fo rhis struggle and effort.
There was never any need for him to ‘analyze the relationship’ and he wasn’t expected to put out the garbage or help change the nappies.

Women are naturally intuitive.
Women are equipped with far more finely-tuned sensory skills than men. As child-bearers and nest-defenders, they needed the ability to sense subtle mood and attitude changes in others that could signal pain, hunger, injury, aggression or depression. This is commonly called “women’s intuition”.
Women’s intuition is something that has always bewildered men who play around – and are invariably caught.

Skit: “My wife can see a blonde hair on my coat from twenty feet, but she hits the garage door when she parks the car.”

A Man would have to witness tears, a temper tantrum or be slapped around the face before he’d have a clue anything was going on.
Males, being lunch-chasers, were never around the cave long enough to learn to read non-verbal signals or the ways of interpersonal communication.
Brain scan tests show that when a man’s brain is in a resting state, at least 70% of its electrical activity is shut down. Scans of women’s brains show a level 90% activity during the same state, confirming that women are constantly receiving and analyzing information from their environment. A woman knows her children’s friends, hopes, dreams, romances, secret fears, what are they thinking, how they are feeling and, usually, what mischief they are plotting. Men are vaguely aware of some short people also living in the house.

Women rarely get caught ogling other men due to their peripheral vision

Sex researchers report that women look at men’s bodies as much as, and usually more than men look at women’s. Women have a greater variety of cones in the retina of the eye – allowing them to describe colors in greater detail – and also have wider peripheral vision than men. As a nest-defender, a woman has brain software that allows her to receive an arc of at least 45degree clear vision to each side of her head and above and below her nose. Some women’s peripheral vision is effective up to almost 180degrees.

Men literally have ‘tunnel vision’. That’s why they’re always so obvious when they look at other women. They have to turn their heads.

A man’s eyes are larger than a woman’s and his brain configure them for a type of long-distance tunnel vision which means that he can see clearly and accurately directly in front of him, though over much narrower field and over greater distances, almost like a pair of binoculars.

Women can detect emotions through tone of voice

Women are more sensitive to differentiating tone changes, voice volume and pitch. This enables them to hear emotional changes in children and adults. This ability goes a long way to explaining the women’s phrase, “Don’t use that tone of voice with me!”, when arguing with men and boys. Most males don’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

Female hearing advantage contributes significantly to what is called “Women’s Intuition” and is one of the reasons why a woman can read between the lines of what people say.

In a room of fifty couples it takes the average woman less than ten minutes to have analyzed the relationship between each couple in the room. She can see who’s who, what’s what and how they’re all feeling.

Men, er, can’t

Men, however, shouldn’t despair. They are excellent at identifying and imitating animal sounds, which would have been a significant advantage for the ancient hunter.

Sadly, there’s not much call for this skill these days.

Boys are often chastised by ‘grown-ups’ for not listening. But as boys grow, particularly at puberty, their ear canals undergo growth spurts that can cause temporary deafness. Boys are equipped for more effective seeing than hearing. Female teachers have been found to reprimand girls differently to boys and seem intuitively to understand male and female hearing differences.

Female teachers continue to reprimand girls even if eye contact is lost. If a boy refuses eye contact, many female teachers intuitively understand that he probably either can’t hear or is not listening, and will say, “Look at me when I speak to you.”

It’s not that men are insensitive to the small details. Their brains just aren’t organized to pick up the non-verbal signals that allow women to notice small details and changes in the appearance of others.

Women can fib better.

Research reveals that, in face-to-face communications, non-verbal signs account for 60-80% of the impact of the message, while vocal sounds and words account for the balance. A woman’s superior sensory equipment picks up and analyzes this information and her brain’s ability to rapidly transfer between hemispheres makes her more proficient at integrating and deciphering verbal, visual and other signals.

In other words, she can spot a fibber a mile off.

This is why most men have difficulty lying to a woman face-to-face.

Men can’t fib their way out of a paper-bag

As most women know, lying to a man face-to-face is comparatively easy, as he does not have the necessary sensitivity to spot incongruities between her verbal and non-verbal signals.

Most men, if they’re going to lie to a woman, would be far better off doing it over the phone, in a letter or with all the lights off, and a blanket over their head.